The Falklands... Today...

Not much has changed since I was there 22 years ago but that's progress for you.

They're STILL Bennies though.
Regrettably, they've still got the Death Star @ MPA. :(
The story behind that black eagle, 63 sqn RAF regiment (rapier) went down on operation corporate and then back down in 1983 there was only about 12 guys left who had been down in 82 and the new 2 I/C of the sqn had the bright idea of getting the sqn dz badge cut from a sheet of steel and cemented into the rock and then blessed by the padra all the guys who had been there in 82 either hide or were away on rapier sites the reason its still there is because the 2 I/C got it blessed by the padra so its sacred and cant be moved

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