The Falklands Legacy with Max Hastings

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by chasndave, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. BBC 2, on now till 2200.

    Will be interesting to see if it becomes another "How I won the Campaign single-handed" by Hastings................
  2. Well that was depressing. Hastings' egomania crept in a little bit, but it didn't detract from the main point, which seemed to be that wars of choice, as an instrument of policy, are probably dead.
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  3. Remarkable the similarities between pre Falklands Britain and now.....
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  4. Quite depressing really, I'd like to know what has replaced Waterloo and Trafalgar in today's history curriculum.
    Although the man himself only slipped in one subtle reference to his own pivotal role in the campaign- the framed front page in his boot room.
  5. Call me patriotic, but I read 'how our politicos rode a thousand miles on the backs of our army/navy/airforce that was paid & fuelled to go one hundred'.

    My how things have changed. Not.
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  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Hastings' inability to recognise the realities of the naval situation, and his cheap and ungentlemanly jibes in that respect, have put him on the newspaper article equivalent of my 'ignore' list, because he has demonstrated an intellectual inability to give a balanced view.
  7. not being a fan of Hastings I tried a program on Yesterday at the same time Return to the Falklands, it was about Goose Green, people talking about their part in the battle. I was very impressed with Major Neame, he must have been a good boss to work for.
  8. I watched the Medics in the Falklands prog on Discovery instead, very good programme.
  9. I enjoy Hastings's books particularly on the second war - I just wish he would apply the same level of balance to his journalism.
  10. I didn't think it was a bad programme. At least it was a prime-time slot for someone to point out the cyclical nature of history, and thus question whether it is a good idea to slash defence capability in an era of unknown consequences arising from drastic changes to UK society and world power balances. I for one am also in the camp that believes that a strong military resource has a far more profound effect on a country's prosperity than is comprehended by those who sneer at (admittedly hackneyed) expressions such as "punching above UK's weight", etc.
  11. I thought it was good
  12. I've seen better ones
  13. I watched the same and was very impressed with the programme. I was surprised to hear the account of the blue on blue at Wireless Ridge though as I'd never heard about it beforehand.