The Falklands: Harriers! Penguins! Bellicosity!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pyianno, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. Our American "allies" standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Britain once again:

    US wanted to warn Argentina about South Georgia - Telegraph

    And who is behind this? Cock-sucker Al Haig, actually best known for High Crimes and Misdemeanous during the Nixon Presidency.

    I just checked, he's dead, so I can't libel him.

    Just to add - you have to admire Thatcher's balls.
  2. A bit of selective quotation from the article. You missed:

    "While US defense secretary Caspar Weinberger proved a staunch ally of Britain from the outbreak of war on April 2 1982, authorising secret shipments of weapons vital to the task force.....".

    How many British Defence Ministers do you know of who would authorised such vital, material assistance by flying in the face of the Foreign Office policy? They also provided communications channels, initial air traffic control facilities on Ascension Island and many other "behind the scenes" support.

    I was on exhange with the US Army in the immediate aftermath of the war and it was obvious that the part played by US public opinion in neutralising the machinations of Haig could not be underestimated. Senators received copious correspondence from their electorates supporting the UK's stance against Argy bullying, with special support for Maggie Thatcher. It was made clear to the State Department where the support of the public lay and "The Gipper", with his acute sense of political awareness, reigned in Haig.
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  3. I'm a bitter bastard at heart.

    Have you never heard of the Zircon Project?

    Might I point out Ascension is our island, something else the yanks forgot at the time.
  4. Yanks must have heard of it on the BBC. It was stating the obvious anyway wasn't it?
  5. The problem was not Al Haig who was pro-British, it was Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Reagan's Ambassador to the UN. Kirkpatrick never met a right wing dictator she didn't like and she consistently worked to undercut Haig's efforts at State.
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  6. Naive question I suppose, but what became of her?
  7. After the UN she went back to teaching at Georgetown University and also worked for a DC foreign policy think tank (forget which one) Horrible woman, It was an odd situation with Haig being undercut by an ambassador who had Reagan's ear. Part of why Haig resigned after a fairly brief period as Secretary.
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Before we try and blame it all on the US we should remember that the Falklands was a massive failure of int and political judgement.

    I did a course in 1981. During it the course OC discussed the FI. A Capt in the RCT his parting words were 'you should know about the Falklands, that Gentlemen will be your next war'.

    He been a Marine there before breaking his back. It always struck me that if an RCT Capt could make an accurate G2 assessment in Dec 1981 then the powers that be were deey negligent.

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  9. In 1981 or 80 I read a letter in NME or Sounds (a music paper anyway) from a young Falkland Islander who feared invasion from Argentina and felt the concerns of the islanders were being ignored.
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  10. I think you mean it is only 30 years ago FFS so there is no chance of knowing the full truth yet. I do not admire Maggie's balls. I stand amazed at her luck. It is slowly emerging that Thatcher and Nott were briefed on the poor state of Royal Navy weaponry and sonar and submarine refits. As a result they had to be persuaded to risk raising a task force and going to war by an Admiral, who allegedly advocated Pearl Harbour style cheating. The then recently redundant Portsmouth RN Dockyard workers answered the call to return to work. You have to admire those patriotic trades unionists eh ? Anyone recall Nott stamping out of a TV interview after an Admiral's judgement was cited as superior to his ? Bet he decided to bite his tongue ............
  11. Interesting! Also showing my age, but I remember on "Pebble Mill at One" (Christ, that dates me), around the same time (before the war of 82) a small series of films by one of their reporters from the Endurance on one of its then last planned patrols. Showed film of the Falklands and explained that that the Argies were rattling sabres.
  12. No matter the support or otherwise offered by the USA (and I'm aware of the back channel stuff that went on), its clear that Thatcher stood up to the Americans and the French in a way that Phony Tony was utterly unable to. Thatch and Ronnie were ideological bedfellows, whereas Blair and Bush were almost diametrically opposed yet she knew how to say no.
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  13. Fang_Farrier

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  14. You are not half talking some bollocks today!

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  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Have you considered that Phony Tony might have set aside his ideological differences with Bush because he agreed with him on other issues.

    Although you, and many others may have disagreed with Blair, it is possible that he followed the course of action he did because he believed in it. That despite it being the difficult decision he stuck with it because he thought it was right?

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