The Falkland Islands: any kit recommendations?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BUOTC, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi all!

    Im an Officer Cadet from Bristol UOTC, I'll be part of an expedition to the Islands leaving on July 18th, our intention is to pay respect at as many of the battlefields as possible. Our route will be starting at San Carlos and we'll be tabbing back to Stanley via Goose Green. We've been told the terrain is something like Dartmoor on steroids, so any tips or recommendations for kit to take with us would be really appreciated?


  2. Is this a military expedition , or a civvy one?
  3. It will be a military exped, ie we will be in greens/ using plce/ army rations etc, any recommendations or hints will be really useful! one of our instructors has been to the island before and has recommended good boots, but anything else peope can contribute will be taken onboard.

    (Mr-D, looking forward to seeing the penguins, will take some pics and see if they do fall over when heli's go overhead!)
  4. Been mentioned in other threads but Zinc Oxide tape to put around the areas where you are prone to get blisters, stops the rubbing
  5. Are you planning on tabbing the whole way from Port San Carlos to Stanley? while on your tab, please remember that the British Forces who actually carried out the phemonemal tab carried to a man over 100 Pounds+ of kit, in fact several pounds more than this on a whole! so for simply following the route and carrying a small daysack you will be achieving next to nothing in their memories!

  6. Why don't you wait til you are actually in the Army and organise an Exped to pay respects from the Military while you are serving?

    Most Units who go or who have ever been to the Falklands usually pay their respects in different ways, even today!
  7. leave him alone Big-G, you don't have to kill yourself to commemorate someone who died. And he's only a cadet, he may never join. And even if he does, he's unlikely to get down there - especially with all the other tourist opportunities Tony's opened up for us in the last few years.

    Bryn, get over there and do your best.
  8. Sun block, wind block(?) and moisturiser to stop your face falling off.
    Poncho and bivvy poles.
    I'd imagine you'll bump into or work out of the RIC down there they can point out any blinders in your route.
    Just imagine when you're at Onion the civvy contractors do 2 years there
    Fcuking rock fields everywhere, head down arse up and run like you don't mind if you break your legs.

    Is this not just Purple Strike anyway? Except without the Field Firing.
  9. Cheers for all the helpful comments! keep them coming!

    just to clear it up though, we will indeed be tabbing the whole way and will be self sufficient for the 6 days, most of the team have already completed Cambrian patrol, so fingers crossed will be prepared for the tab. At one stage we were trying to get hold of 1982 era kit to complete it, but i think our instructors were a bit worried we (as wannabe ruperts) would get into major dramas! so are instead lucky to have goretex, better boots, less weight, etc!

    When we get back, there is the possibility of organising a presentation on what we see/the events of '82 themself, as many of my non-otc student friends know little about the conflict, so raising the profile of it and what the veterans have been through amongst the wider university environment can only be a good thing.

    Again, any suggestions will be really helpful!

  10. buffalo super 6 or equivalent woolie hat
  11. Here's a starter... :wink:

    Bugger all to see apart from big bogs and plenty of driving rain, Hail, Snow, and very high winds, massive rock formations almost Lunar landscape.
    At the moment it's the Winter Season, And i do say that in the broadest terms.
    Pack the usual winter warmers as per your own Regiments SOP's etc.Just add some Sun Block..You may laugh but as there is no OZONE LAYER down here the suns rays can burn you even on the dullest days...Also a good quality moisturiser as you can also suffer from severe wind burn too.
    Oh and watch out for Penquin Shite..It F###ing reeks..Enjoy..

    Good place to start is the RIC Resident Infantry Company.
    In addition the Royal Artillery is now based there, and are
    deployed out on the ground,
    Any more info PM Me and i will give you there respective contact
    numbers via Mil Extention...

  12. I can dispell the penguin myth, to save you an unnecessary detour. They look up, make sure you're not a Cara-cara, and carry on with whatever they were doing.

    Not even landing a Sea King and two Gazelles alongside a colony for Michael Heseltine's benefit had any noticable effect. Concur on the stench, though.

  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I'll agree to that! Never sen near horizontal rain/sleet till I was down there! The wind chill factor can be brutal so take a good hat (we got issued with those DPM Droopy hats) ggod gloves,gaiters & plenty of beer tokens(very important)
    Also pack a tee shirt,shorts & flip flops in the hand luggage in case the f'ing Tri-Star goes tit's-up in Assencion Islands!(Ours did for 4 days & all we had was cold gear on! 8O )
  14. Tip de jour for anywhere cold, wet and windy (ie, Yorkshire in't summer) is 2 pairs of pants.
    A thin wicking pair like thermal cycling length shorts with jockeys or y fronts over the top. The long wicking layer stops thigh chafe (not nice) and dumps moisture to the outer layer. the sandwich keeps the core area toasty.
    The added advantage is it stops you needing a p1ss the second you get in your maggot at crap o'clock in the morning.
    Some of the lads who went on a defence readiness excercise down there also took trainers to chase penguins/albatros, a very funny video indeed.
  15. San Carlos to Stanley in June? Bloody ell... it will be fricking freezing down there.

    I was there in March (their autumn) and it was cold enough. The wind is horrendous. Constantly blowing a gale. Get helly hansen Lifa long johns for in your gonk bag overnight.

    Definately take some nivea or vaseline for your face.

    And what route are you taking from San Carlos to Stanley? along the road via Mount Pleasant ,or cross country? If you are going via the village of Goose Green i'd say you were walking on the road. much easier than going cross the bogs and boulderfields. we walked about 2 miles to see the 8 Bty firing position near Mnt Harriet and we were hanging out of our holes in about 20 mins, and that was only with day sacs and an army issue lunch box - in summer!

    Good luck, hope to see plenty of photos of it on your return.