The Failure of Ex Royal Marine on P Company.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by potentialpara1, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. I take it you're actually serving with the Paras at the moment having completed all the relevant jumps, skips and tumbles?
  2. Sorry, I'm sat here staring at your username wondering how you can say anything about a serviceman.
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  3. Tit.
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  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Reword your post so you are not seen immediately as a knobjockey. Both courses are hard and if you get an injury and try and slog on - fair enough.

    Both courses are different in the manner in which they test the individual. So for someone who has not attempted either course - learn humility and reword the question.

    Until then you are a knobjockey in my very humble opinion.

    edited to add: or I have been wah'd in on an epic scale.
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  5. Slight correction, somebody who has not even joined up yet.
  6. IIRC he had passed his AACC but failed P Coy. Not getting into a slag fest with them but it works both ways, all depends on if you can stay injury free I suppose. I've known blokes do both and all state the pros and cons of each course.
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  7. Remind me, exactly whatit is you have achieved so far in your military caree...... Ah never mind I remember now.
  8. This must be someone trolling on purpose? No one can be this much of an unlikeable tit naturaly!
  9. Yup agree, obviously you will get biast blokes. But staying injury free is a big factor
  10. Ummm.. I've looked at this, cannot see a point - can somebody help?
  11. To be honest I think my original post was a fairly valid question. To have completed the commando course and not at least push yourself to the ultimate limit on P Coy is rather embarrasing, as one of the Pti's points out when he gets his 3rd and final chance. he quotes, you are an embarassment! I'm sure any Ex or present Royal Marine would be p*ssed of with this bloke! This is nothing to do with me in person or my commitment or qualifications in the army, but to the reputation of the Royal Marines. In my eyes this bloke didn't even try, from his body language and what not. Also the officer who spoke to him about his lack of effort also quoted that he thought he was doing this to get 2 weeks off and to get RTU'd.
  12. That was him being a good bloke and giving him a manly second chance.

    This is you being a waste of decent spunk.
  13. Hm, a well thought out and constructive post.

    You're still a cnut,
  14. He wasnt a serving Royal Marine though mate, he just completed the course and got his beret. He wasnt a Royal Marine, so all they will say is hes not one of us?