The fabled bum w*nk of Mexico

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by steptoe, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Many years ago when I was just a baby Gun bunny I was told of the ultimate field punishment.. The Mexican Bum W*nk.

    For those that have not heard of this, it basicly involves sending the most portly chap off to have a dump with strict instruction to keep all dangleberries etc in place.
    The 'victim' is then held down by every one (as I would imagine a struggle at this point). The Portly chap then puts his unclean hairy arrse on the nose and starts a rocking motion.

    This is accompanied by the mexican theme tune la ,lala, la la etc.

    Now is this just Urban legend to stop back chat to a Gun number 1 or was/ is this a real punishment???
  2. we did it as the three man lift to all new sprogs.
  3. heard of something similar called a brown eye (and seen it happen) basically a lads asleep or held down and someone pulls down their pants and squats about as close as they can over the face of the victim then farts or whatever guaranteed the victim will be scrubbing his face in detol for the rest of the month :twisted:
  4. In this day and age i dare say some wouldn't consider it a punishment at all and now that we've also got splits in the subs..... :twisted:
  5. Or you could always "tarmac them"
  6. ...LMAO
  7. I believe this is also called Mono Railing. Having nose of victim run between the crack of your arrse whilst making a rocking motion
  8. You still do it at home. Ever wonder why your kid's mates don't come round no more? :lol:
  9. touche'
  10. Yeah, they complained that you did that to them as well!