The Extinction Rebellion 'Soldier' Donald Bell

First of all, hello from a new user.

Like many people, I was shocked and disgusted at the recent Extinction Rebellion 'stunt' at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday by a certain 'Donald Bell', but having seen a recent YouTube video posted by Reverend Simon Sideways I am further sickened by the fact that he is also a drug dealer who forced his disabled wife to sell drugs for him:

It is also possible that he is a Walt - nobody in his alleged regiment has heard of him and there is no record of him being injured in Operation Banner. He is alleged to have done four tours of Northern Ireland, but it is strange that a now 64 year old man cannot even salute properly.

Apologies if this topic has already been posted!
I am ex 3rd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment. I don’t know him but he could be one of the other two still existing Battalions. I’m going to do some searching and chatting to other Anglian to find out if he is. If he isn’t I will personally knock that beret off his head if I see him