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The Extinction Rebellion 'Soldier' Donald Bell

i see what you mean however he is not a real reverend. He's a trucker driver so probably more into murdering hookers.

Bu seriously, he's actually a decent bloke, i've met him a few times and some of the things he has done for the good of others would put 95% of us to shame.
Didn't he do a CC1 for help for some lad who was seriously going off the rails in his house?

Might have been someone else, i don't really follow him, or even watch his othe rvids.
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He didn't actually damage it though.

Just put his own wreath up...

We're in danger of missing the fact that no laws have been broken. The stunt was ignorant , crass ill judged etc but wasn't illegal. It's not like he was selling class A drugs . Oh hold on ....

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