The Expanding Eye_Spy Dynasty

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by eye_spy, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. Eye_Spy is proud to announce the arrival of little miss Eye_Spy the second. Weighing in at 8lb 7oz, she brought a few tears to the eyes of Mrs Eye_Spy! Both doing well, Eye_Spy now contemplating a house full of women for the rest of his life 8O
  2. Congrats mate,

    Only got lads myself, got to be much less hassle when they're older.
  3. You wont have a dynasty if you have no lads mate.

    But congratulations on the nipper. 8lb 7oz. Women are just weak aren't they? All that moaning and crying and stuff.
  4. Congrats! :D
  5. Congrats to all involved!
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Congrats eye_spy, I have three sprogs I am in the process of indoctrinating via Kim's game (been buying stuff for it this weekend). By the way is it you I have seen around Richmond, the Range Rover with the same registration (or almost) as your nick?
  7. congratulations old chap. 8lb 7oz? ouch!!! obviously had a few 24hr rat packs in there to bulk up on :)

    mind you, my sister in law had one 10lb 7oz. he is now 5 and she still isnt walking normally again yet!
  8. Congratulations to you and Mrs. E_S! 8lb 7oz? 8O My eyes are watering... Good luck with the immediate sleepless nights, foul nappies etc. and the coming years of excess female hormones in the house! :D
  9. Many congratulations.
  10. Congrats but watch out for them ganging up on you.
  11. Do you know something we're not supposed to??

    Congratulations to you and Mrs ES.

    A house full of hormones as DB says..Jeez best of luck to you :)
  12. Just playing safe, you know how it is, like when you run into someone you haven't seen or heard about for years, you always ask carefully, "so, um, how are things?", as the alternative is to hear something like "I booted the bitch out after she deceived me with 1RGBWLI while I was in intensive care after taking six to the groin in the sandpit" or similar.
  13. I hope none of them look like you!!

    Congrats to the Eye_Spy family-I have 2 girls and they are lovely (for the moment)
  14. Remember Spy, new born pooh is like a cross between nuclear waste and velcro! Hearty congrats...
  15. It's frickin GREEN fer crissakes! GREEN, I tell ya. It ain't natural!

    disappears to quietly retch at the memories...