The Execution of Gary Glitter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Track_Link, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. In a World filled with misery and woe...

    At last a TV Drama to make you smile!!


    Pay-per-view to watch that cunt swing would sort out the Defence Budget shortfall.
  2. in Trafalgar Square and make it a public holiday,
  3. Say what you like about the guy. At least, unlike Jade Goody and The McCanns, he never left the kids alone.
  4. A bit like Mr Michael Jackson (deceased) really.
  5. Any chance of life imitating art?
  6. What a fcuking stupid programme that will be. It's makers aren't much less deparaved as Glitter. So why didnt they go for the more obvious repulive targets like Huntley and Whiting?

    Television is fcuked and dumbed down beyond belief.
  7. Glitter is living proof that madness and genius go hand in hand. He was a real icon in the 70s and 80s. I suspect that drug misuse led to the warped personality that he has today.
  8. I suspect he was and always will be a cunt.

  9. Because Glitter is, or at least was, a celebrity. Huntley and Whiting, if it wasn't for their crimes you would never have heard of them. Its marketing and viewing figures and quite rightly so. It sounds like must see TV.
  10. Bugger,can one of you compooter nerds make it more bigger? Ta.
  11. Why is Glitter being persecuted when the likes of MJ get off scot free?
    Channel 4 should stick to Countdown - we all know what Glitter has become.
  12. What's Michael Jordan done?
  13. er...due process of law. MJ found not guilt, GG (PG) guilty m'lud. Don;t you just love the jury system. I saw Gary Glitter in concert circa 1982 and do you know what-it was f'kin great.
  14. Gary Glitter has at least offered to foster Jackos' kids. Sort of..fill the hole that he's left behind.