The Excognito v Higgs_Bosun Total Bore-Off

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Excognito, May 2, 2011.

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  1. You really, really, really do need help . There is only one extremist posting on this subject and that is you. I take it you landed on your head when you had your parachuting accident?
  2. Help, yes please... to understand how an apparently educated person can be duped into a stoneage cult such as christianity...insanity.

    Why is it that you cannot offer a coherent argument to support your faith?....Because it's not possible. Resorting to insults is the first sign of defeat and the next stage is demanding death to non believers... When are you upgrading to islam?
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  3. seriously stop arguing with him higgs its beneath you
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  4. Can we have an impartial presentation of the background, the main players and their positions before this descends into meaningless slander?

    Just for decorative purposes, obviously.
  5. It is none of your business you hysteric fascist meddler.
  6. OK. Let's look at your track record:

    'holy heads', 'dogmatic nonsense', by implication not 'rational people', by implication not possessed of 'intellectual superiority'.

    I think that counts as insulting and in your first two posts as well.

    'Then we (atheists) need to launch a pre-emptive strike', 'how can we wipe out the fundies' - clearly both expressions of your desire to kill non-believers in the existence of God and curtailed only by your sense of self-preservation.

    Game, Set and Match to me.

    BTW, I wasn't insulting you, it is a genuine concern. Head injuries can lead to some pretty profound personality problems.
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  7. OK then Death to Non-Believers.
  8. But I enjoy the chase and exposing the radicals in our midst...

    Being impartial...I am an anti-theist that calls a spade a spade... Cogi is a deluded prick. Let me know if further decoration is required...:)

    Strict but to the point I suppose.... :)
  9. Well you are the expert Mohammed....:)
  10. If you had been paying the slightest bit of attention to the context, you should have noticed that my reference to the Parable of The Good Samaritan was in response to

    that is, the religious aspect was introduced by an atheist.

    I was hoping for a more mature discussion, but I guess I should have learned by now that will never happen with you around to obsess over religion.
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  11. Higgs, you decorate your argument with apparent rationality and attack religion for its lack of tolerance. Yet you then display that intolerance which you find so offensive in religious circles. Your atheism is vicious and fundamentalist in attitude

    I've stated this before-the problem is not religion, it's people. People that are intolerant and arrogant in the way they make their assertions. In short, Higgs, you are part of the problem.

    Don't you just love irony?
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  12. Well it was just a bit of fun...but fair game too, it's what christians are for... :)

    Head injuries? I did over two thousand jumps but strangely landed on my feet usually..except landing on my arrse once during the National Championships when I fractured my sacrum...not much fun with spinal comression of L1, L2 too and wedging from playing rugby second row. In fact very few injuries were sustained from parachuting... a couple of ankles and in France a right arm fracture from a reserve deployment in 20 knots of wind...two Legionnaires were killed in the incident so guess I was lucky. Hang on...I did a bit of boxing in 16 Para Bde, winning the heavyweight title one year....maybe that was it? Anyway Gogi...perhaps you can arrange a miracle cure for me? But I'm afraid that faith healing is out of the question... :)

    How about some evidence that your faith is rational and not a delusion?
  13. From the impartial position of not giving a tinker's cuss either way, I would have to agree that Higgs Bosun is, in his unbelieving, displaying a level of intolerant fundamentalism of which even the most swivel-eyed shouty beardman would be proud.
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  14. A thousand blessings to you kind sir.... :)
  15. Hang on a sec! You chaps need an impartial, debonair and handsome gentleman to referee the match and ensure there's no foul play.

    I take bribes too you know.

    In the first corner for the atheist team we have Mr Higgs, former para and sea cadet with a partiality for golf and a grounding in medical management. He's claimed never to have read Dawkings but could probably fault his thesis for not being robust enough in it's unholy cause.

    In the second corner for the Christian team we have Mr Cognito, former officer and atheist. He’s claimed to see the light of Providence now though due to a religious experience in the church. Could it be more than intuition? Rumour from the laity suggests he also holds obscure evidence for the ascension of Christ.

    My lovely assistant Cuddles will be along shortly in a skin tight bikini and sports bra to hold up the sign for round one.

    Ding Ding Ding!