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The ex-Missus...

Mine would be ratfaced by 1100 and I'd be left to do the cooking... which I started prepping at 0715. The kids would rampage, grandparents would bicker with the obligatory Aunty necking the Gin... and there would be no batteries for some kid's toy. Merry Christmas. Bah... bumhug.
In fairness the ex and I tried for my eldest's 1st Xmas but it was a disaster I couldn't breathe without being in the wrong. The mother in-law tried her best to keep things amicable in the house but eventually have in to her daughter who always had to be right.

She didn't like to be wrong even when proven wrong she was still right.

Everyone wonders where my hatred towards the bitch stems from.

I was never 1 for Xmas to begin with but she made me hate it even more. Then I moved on

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My ex was fucking gorgeous and I would meet up for a christmas shag with her in a heartbeat, however we never had kids and she fucked off to live in New Zealand with the cunt she met while working abroad so the chances are slim, shame!
Like most kids would give a shit if both parents were present? Most would be distracted by the hundreds of pounds worth of toys, gadgets & overall shite bought for them to even notice.
I've not spoken to her for about six years now and it's not going to happen anytime soon. Agree with Jarrod, it's just another day, which means just another day of not speaking to her, win, win.
Slobbing around today I saw Matthew Wrighty ask the question “Reunite with the Ex at Christmas for the kids?” Comments, please. I have my opinion…
As stupid ideas go, that's up there with ZZ Top's 'Tejas' tour:

Happy Birthday BFG! The Warped Genius of Billy Gibbons

'“Somehow I got it in my head that it would be a good idea to get a huge stage set and take Texas to the people,” [Billy] Gibbons told Guitar World. “We had a stage in the shape of the state of Texas, and a number of rattlesnakes, vultures and even a couple of buffalo onstage. It was authentic! It was disastrous! At first, everything went well: the rattlers behaved, the birds seemed to stand the noise and the buffalo grazed quietly – until one night one buffalo decided he’d had enough. He rammed two glass cages containing the snakes. Suddenly we had a dozen rattlers crawling around onstage. Frank [Beard, drummer] suggested we play “something quiet, to soothe them” – a stupid idea, ’cos most snakes are deaf. We didn’t even attempt it. We just fled and left the roadies to minimize the damage.”'
She's the ex for a reason..well, lots, ......I'd rather die than get back together....neither me nor the kids need to listen to her being an evil witch...thanks for the great idea, Jeremy!.....:thumbdown:
If past experience is anything to go by, my ex would say he was going to turn up, then either cancel at the last minute or just not turn up.

If, by some miracle he did turn up, he'd spend about 5 minutes with the kids, giving them some crap toys that are about 10 years too young for them (because he hasn't bothered to keep in touch up til now to actually know what his kids like or remember how old they are) and then chase me round the house looking for a shag. Then he'd bugger off to the pub and roll back in six hours later to throw up on the carpet and pass out at the bottom of the stairs (as he did the last Xmas he spent with us!).
We get on grand, I just couldnt stop fucking anything with a pulse and was making very little effort to cover my tracks so cant really moan. We've got shared assets also so I have to play nice! Her new bloke is ok as well, didnt stop her from turning up at mine one night hammered, crying and soaked to the skin, then fucked me cross eyes.

At least this year I dont feel obliged to spend a fortune on her, my only dilemma this year is what do you buy a 1 year old for Xmas?
he sounds like the male counterpart to mine.

her best one was (found out after i was hgospitalised) was to soak my happy pills in bleach, and drug me with sleeping pills, then tell the kids i was pissed(ironic as i was unable to drink at the point after being stabbed while bouncing a door(bitch had hidden my stab vest(and it turned out it was one of her mates who stabbed me) and thus could not drink)

then she fucked off out shagging some cunt before getting home, stinking of man, and fell asleep in the toilet.

all of this clearly beinfg my fault.

christ that woman destroyed me and thus i can honestly say i will never be ok again.

but hey ho,its xmas.

it would be a mirracle if i was to actually be able to speak to her,even to arrange some time with my kids tbh.
Perish the thought, and should she foolishly turn up on my doorsep it would be a toss up whether I or the current Mrs Pewish stabbed her in both eyes with a kebab skewer first......................................I am not bitter, merely choc full of angst!

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