The Everyday Sexism Project

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Invicta, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. I found this site on a Facebook post from my sister who is a social worker and a major league leftie. When I started to read the posts it made my non-PC squaddie soul chuckle before I got thinking just how much FUN my fellow ARRSErs could have with this!

    the everyday sexism project

    Not that I'm suggesting or encouraging subversive or provocative posts designed to provoke a reaction from the mung bean eating 'wimmin'. No, I'd never condone behaviour like that at all - I've had my E&D MATT for this year.....

  2. My IP address is blacklisted...
  3. My contribution:

    What are you so upity about a man looking at your body for? it a bloody compliment! If you were a fat ugly old hag then you would miss it. Its just double standards
  4. Made for arrsers.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    A mate of mine trawls Facebook trying to find feminist groups.

    He posts the following message on their walls which always gets a bite:

    "Hi, I'm the secretary of a local working men's club. We're having a meeting next Friday and our caterer has pulled out at the last minute. I don't suppose any of your members could come along and maybe make us some sandwiches and a simple finger buffet?"

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  6. I trust that you've already appraised him of this particular gem?
  7. My avatar thinks it is a good idea.
  8. So it's a project about everyday sexism... that only accepts submissions from women.

    Isn't that, you know, sexist?
  9. Yes. You will now be bombarded with feminist theoretical debate about how even though men can be victims of sexism too, it's mostly women. These are likely the same people who did the NUS report into Lad Culture by asking 40 women about it.

    I saw one on the site which was a link to a report about 'women being more likely to be raped as PoWs during war than men.'


    Rape is the unlawful penetration of mouth, anus or vagina with a penis
    Ergo most rapists are men
    Most men are straight
    Women are more likely to be raped

    I fucking despair.
  10. I've read a couple of pages of that site, and I think I'm getting the hang of it.

    Next time a bird asks me to carry something heavy up a flight of stairs, I shall drop it and burst into tears about the expectations that society puts on me simply because I'm male.

    She'll be so impressed that I'll probably get a shag.
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  11. Careful you don't knacker your back lifting the heavy object. If you do, she'll have to go on top. Hope this helps.

    As far as sexism goes, I'm a bloke in my late 50s, I've never been what you could even remotely call "eye candy". Not once in my entire life has a woman made any kind of suggestive or improper remark to me. The sexist scum, they are so insensitive and demeaning towards men. They are only interested in our bodies, not our minds. (That last sounds vaguely familiar, now where have I heard it before...)
  12. Lets be honest, when does it ever end well? ARRSE seems to be the internet version of Top Gear. Lots of astoundingly bad ideas where everything ends up broken or on fire.

    "Ambitious, but rubbish" as they say. Also bloody funny!