The European Rupublican Guard

Ask yourself why the French are doing this? They've realised they actually don't have that much influence over EU anymore and are attempting to influence one of the countries that reflects the thinking of some of the current and many of the soon to be member countries.

Now if the government had any sense, they would shove this idea back up French ARRSE's. But this is 'Toneee's' government, and Toneee wants to be friends with the French (he has a memory problem), so expect this to go further.

However, since EU governments are, generally, even more reluctant to spend money on defence than our own, I can only believe that all parties will take it as another excuse to cut defence spending further. So we will end up being what elite forces? Elite being a word inferring excellence, training and unique ability. I don't recall Dads Army ever being called elite!

Prove me wrong if you can - but, somehow, I don't think so.
Arthur said:
Perhaps if we get in early we could form part of the elite bit???

If the EU ever goes head to head with the Spams at least it'll mean they'll be able to bu@@er us up and not have to apologise afterwards!