The European Common Security and Defense Policy and Hegemony in the 21st Century

The European Common Security and Defense Policy and Hegemony in the 21st Century

The year 1945 saw two revolutions: US and Soviet forces met near Torgau on the Elbe River and divided the continent and only months later the US dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan. Europeans could pursue the path of economic prosperity made possible by a generous US security umbrella. Economic crisis looms these days, the Euro as a common currency is in danger and chaotic crisis management did not show Europe at its best, nor its transatlantic partner. Nevertheless, the story of economic and social success goes hand in hand with European disarmament.

Yet, the member states of the EU have combined a larger standing army than the US, but are unable to convert the theoretical capabilities into actual ones and project any significant force.....

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It's Smart Defense, Stupid | Small Wars Journal
For the first time in history, the whole continent cooperates in military efforts and is not driven by expansionist or militaristic goals.

Therefore, there is no rivalry and instead there are grounds for synergy.

Does the article make a case for Europe being able to use smart power and its combined economic power to contribute to common European strategic and geopolitical aims?
Wow, you've pulled the pin on a grenade in here methinks Ray...
We have Belgium as allies and the French are behind us! With this statement the defence rests it's case.
Cernunnos you forgot the Cloggies and the Italians! Recipe, disaster for the use of.
Bit like the EU as a whole (hole?).

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