The Eurofighter Typhoon

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by auzzy, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. Guys,

    Do you think is "the Eurofighter Typhoon" A way forward or is it a waste of money?

    I need hounest honest opinions.

  2. NOPE, WHAT?
  3. Auzzy,
    To answer this, you have to ask the question what else is there? If it had been left up to the RAF, I suspect we'd have bought F-15Es in the late 80s (just as the RAF wanted to buy the F-15A for AD in the 1970s rather than the Tornado F3). However, the reality is that our armed forces are required to fund the British and European defence industries.

    Typhoon is a superb aircraft with a performance second only to the USAF FA-22 Raptor which is so expensive that even the USAF are having problems. The Typhoon should be able to do about 80% (although this is difficult to quantify) of what Raptor can, but at a fraction of the cost. Typhoon's performance is considerably better than older generation types such as the F-15, F-16E, FA-18E and SU-30, particularly in terms of speed/altitude/payload/manoeuverability where it approaches the capability of the Raptor. Typhoon also exceeds the capability of Rafale in most respects.

    Like any modern aircraft, Typhoon's entering service with incremental software/equipment releases, which is why right now it's primarily limited to air-air. However, the sensor fusion and software upgrades which will be introduced over the next few years will give Typhoon an excellent air-ground and ISR capability. The pilots love it and are enthusiastic about its potential.

    Sadly, costs have been greatly inflated due to the need to accommodate partner nation requirements and politics.

    However, I think Typhoon will rapidly prove an excellent aircraft which will be complimented by the smaller F-35 when that finally arrives on the front line in about 8 years.

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  4. I thought I would BUMP this rather than start another.

    I like MM's showing that in 2006 we were naively expecting F-35 in 8 years!

    Anyhow, the Typhoon, as I am no longer part of the defence industry I miss where we are upto on the Typhoon but there are some knowledgable chaps on here.

    Saw this is flight:

    Looks like the fwd 2 amraams couldnt launch until the Harpoons were fired but its probably just the photo angle.

    How is it going with Brimstone and Paveway?

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  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The are gas operated rams that push the missiles away from the airframe so clearing the Harpoons isn't a problem.Brimstone isn't part of the Typhoon inventory as yet but the 500lb & 1000lb Paveway/Enhanced Paveway are now fully integrated with the jet.
  6. Well about 6 years ago (IIRC) we were asked to consider sending Typhoon to Afghan, pricing up containers of spares and numerous other 'estimations'. In anycase, IRRC, it was an absolute no no so the RAF sent the Harriers.

    At the time we had photo shoots with the Brimstone, Brimstone that were being integrated on Tornado in the next hangar. I always imagined the Typhoon in A2G with brimstone and paveway supporting the troops with an Apache or FAC designating targets for the Tiffy.

    I heard recently the Typhoon pilots had to take laser designator target co-ords from whichever designator and manually input them via the MDEP?

    Imagine the day an apache or FAC can call a circling Tiffy in to drop LGB or fire far away do you recon before we could deploy that?
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    That's why we now use the Enhanced Paveway,that has GPS targeting as well as laser.

    RAF - Enhanced Paveway

    I think you'll find the thing you've heard refers to they two types of designation for the bomb,the Mk960 MFBF is programmable from the cockpit so the growbag can change the way the bomb goes boom on impact....

    We can already have other aircraft designate a target for the bombing aircraft so as long as an Apache has a laser designator,it could do it,been able to do that for years,heck in GW1 we had the Flying Brick designate for our Tornado's until we got TIALD.

    (Spike-ex RAF Armourer)
  8. A bit of a waste having Apache targeting for a Typhoon.
  9. Of course it isn't if you want a bigger bang on target.

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  10. I'm guessing Typhoon has a UHF radio, and a targeting pod. So as long as you can strap the LGB or Brimstone to it your good to go.

    In simple terms An Apache or FAC would pass the tgt co-ordinates and the aircraft driver would input to the weapon and probably laze in for accuracy or a third party could laze in,( never heard of this with Brimstone as it follows the pod then handsover to millimetric within, but I would imagine possible).

    I would imagine that Brimstone isn't funded to go on Typhoon at the moment and would hazard a guess that very few if any of the pilots are CAS qualified/current. I expect that would cost a bit of dosh so the RAF are concentrating on it doing Air to Air.

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  11. Yes the Rafale Litening III:

    RAF Plans to Preserve Typhoon Air-to-Ground Currency

    Eurofighter Typhoon proves close-air support credentials for RAF

    Was meant to be done by 2015.