The Euro???

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cromach, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. More to follow on BBC News.

    LATEST: EC president Jose Manuel Barroso says leading British politicians are 'actively considering' joining the Euro.
  2. We're screwed
  3. Probably just wishful thinking on the part of either the EU bureaucrats or UK europhiles I'd think. After all, wasn't Brown the main reason that Blair wasn't able to get us in last time this came up? Plus the only real reason for something like that would be because sterling couldn't hold up in the current economic conditions, which would blow a large hole through his claims that the UK is "best placed" to weather the financial crisis.
  4. Please tell me the news is going to name names.
  5. I find it unlikely.

    What does the glorious leader have to gain from joining the Euro?

    More of "its not our problem and there was nothing we could have done?"
  6. Riiight. British politicians, notice how nicely widely vague that phrase is. It could mean anything from a senior government minister to a British MEP, to an ordinary MP to a local county councillor. Best guess some already pro-Euro europhile British politicians have been having a moan and Barroso thought it would be smart to talk up the Euro and possibly try and start positioning the Euro/EU on the issue for whenever the next time it seriously comes up.
  7. That explanation doesn't fit in well with conspiracy theories though. Would you mind changing it?
  8. We never ever want or need to join any grouping that includes France.

    UK borrowing/debt wahtever will not allow entry to the eurozone. For the next 50 years.

    Dont forget the spastics are in meltown.

    Ford, Gm)vauhall) IBM et all will be closing uk branches/factories down BIG TIME because they dont have the same EU problems in france or germany.

    the shiote has not yet reached the fan????????????????.

    Under uk laws a company can close its entire system down in 24 hours if the compay office is registered in a tax haven eg cymen islands etc.

    Good night.