The Euro Millions - I didn't win it

Yesterday evening I got bored at work and posted on facebook that I had won the euromillions, It soon turned into a small social experiment.

As my friends called bullshit I told them to play along and the whole thing started to snowball slightly. I was offered an interview with my local paper this morning because of my windfall and strangers have been messaging me (Obviously wishing me a sincere well done, no ulterior motive)

This has taught me a few things,

1- Despite me thinking my facebook is secure, it really isn't news spread quickly
2- People are idiots
and 3- most of my mates are more than happy to join in scheming plans to deceive others.

I also learnt that even someone like me a generally disliked arsehole can become popular if I have enough money.

What stupid shit have you guys done when boredom gets the better of you?
Life is good.
You keep that sort of thing up and the Emperor Mong (Mayhem be upon him) will get you as sure as eggs is eggs!
I would but I had to send the £200 I had available to a guy to get my win processed or something. Strangely I don't recall putting the lottery ticket on last week.
Keep sending the begging letters though!


A long time ago after our unit relocated into a nice shiny new building, the BTLO had been kind enough to leave the little booklets with the nice new phones. Within them, were all the codes for setting up redials, diverts etc.

Me and "A.Another" once killed a half hour going around all 12 of them on the shop floor and re-diverting each to the CO's new number.

It came out on a CO's parade some time later after they'd figured out what had happened, that anyone else caught fucking around with the phones would be 'severely disciplined'.
Your in the small change!
I recently won £100Million in some African Lottery.
Uncle Cedric had died and left it all to me.
My Dad did go on business back in the early 90's to Africa.
And he never mentioned Cedric but he did mention it was a shit hole he went too!
Internal flights were DC3's and the airstrips were mud!
That's a cracking way to get some man cunt. Hmmm
Man cunt? . . . . MAN CUNT? . . . . I don't even want to know!!!

Sluggie , got any porno pics of yourself doing unspeakable things?
You won't get far with this game. I've won £100,000,000,000 who wants a length?
For that amount of dosh, there'd be a (dis)orderly queue of arrsers forming within nanoseconds.
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