The EU, Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. And no, I don't mean that they're all pros at conning the public. :) This is an outgrowth of the Did Blair Cave In? thread started by W.Anchor earlier today. I've seen at least a couple people speaking up for the EU so hopefully we should get some balanced feedback, byt the question I wanted to ask is what do you personally think the pros and cons of the UK having membership of the EU are?

    Now I have to state out front that whilst I think the original idea had a lot of merit, the current piss poor state its grown into has made it more of a drag on the UK than a boon. I honestly think we should withdraw from the place and simply rejoin the European Free Trade Association and the European Economic Area instead. This article by a rather disgruntled Conservative MEP I find to be highly convincing - all the the trade benefits, none of the craptastic Brussels parts. Thoughts, comments?

  2. Ever tried buying a bottle of Scotch in Norway? The shock of the price will kill you a lot quicker than renal failure will.

    Some interesting ideas there, nonetheless.
  3. Urine? You can't say p1ss? Oh that really is taking the Michael.
  4. i would be inclined to withdraw from the EU and bin the French in their own stew pot of their making , we make a significant contribution to the EU, in return we get scorned and insulted especialy by the French.
    see Bliar give away of our rebate while the French keeps their generous farm subsidies. our withdrawel will be sorely felt in a drop in revenue.

    i would vote for the First mainstream party leader that will promise to withdraw from the EU , failingthat , UKIP will get it.
  5. The only reason that you can buy a bottle of Scotch, relatively, cheaper in the UK, is that this government needs to keep us in a state of inebriation so that we will not see the bloody great sheepskin that is being pulled over our p1ssed, bloodshot eyes.
  6. The folks behind the EU want to recreate the USSR but with the capital in Brussels instead of Moscow.

    If you can install a powerful central government covering a large area, it's easier to practice tyranny there than in a small state because you've thereby also made it more expensive to leave.

    The fact that P.M. Blair is keen on this project tells you almost all you need to know.
  7. Sorry to pop a few bubbles, but there is no chance we're leaving the EU. We might not like it, but our sensible political masters know what is best for us when you consider that we have billions of pounds (lets leave the currency discussion for a second) with Mainland Germany and France. And its not just booze! Mostly its trade in financial services (insurance, investment, borrowing etc), that requires not only the lack of protection that membership gives us, but also greater financial stability. The stability allows greater investment to be made, ultimately creating jobs.

    We could join the EFTA, but with no guarantee that it will maintain its current close links to the EU (negotiated unilaterally). So we could be left with a trade relationship with Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechenstein - with whom we mostly... nothing.

    Yes, we occasionally get shafted by culturally curious legislation. But just by being outside of the EU do we think we have complete sovereign right to do what we want? We are subject to dozens of multilateral agreements and judgements (from the Geneva convention to the Warsaw convention on flights). We lost the ability to act alone hundreds of years ago.

    There is another point of view, and a sensible, fact-based argument for leaving, so lets have it - and avoid the tired British bulldog stereotypes...
  8. Norweigans are also pretty damn good looking too. F*ck it, I'm moving!
  9. Brussels Corruption ? expensive French Farm subsidies that the French refuse to renegotiate ? Spanish Bad attitude regarding Gibraltar ? Common Fisheries policies ?
  10. Those would be a good start!

    Brussels corruption:
    The existence of the travelling horrorshow of the EU commission shifting shambolically across Central Europe is pretty disgusting. The stories of expense bills, non-attendance and its own audit commission stating that, basically, its not value for money just serves to reinforce the point. Then again, if you can find me any group of elected representatives that don't delve deep into the pork barrel wherever possible (Neil Hamilton, anyone? No? Didn't think so....) I'll be amazed. We can leave, or we can give it proper scrutiny and fix it - starting with demolishing Strasbourg and getting rid of the retired politician show that is the commission.

    Farm subsidies:
    Get rid of them. All of them. Now.
    Not an easy argument to win with the French. Angela Merkel looks like she might be a little more like someone we can do business with. We have political momentum and right on our side. This is a matter of time...

    Spanish bad attitude to Gib.
    Like thats going to get any better if we leave!

    Again, at least where we are now we are inside the tent, pissing in. (and thus have a voice that gets listened to, however occasionally!). Better that than isolated and ignored.

    The right to reply is yours, sir! What about the economic implications of leaving? The threat of tariffs, the fact that goods, services and people wouldn't be able to move and work freely? What about the cessation of all the lovely Latvian barmaids?
  11. uncontrolled immigration is an issue
  12. Not if she's 6ft, blonde and very liberal minded...
  13. Until a full audited set of accounts can be produced we should not pay another penny, in any other organisation failure to produce the audited accounts is a criminal offence.
  14. regarding immigration, the Dutch and the Danes are getting their act together and controlling who settles in their country as well as restricting benefits, automatic detention in a immigration hostel, any hint of crime committed by any is automatic deportation inlcuding compulsory language class. ie Dutch or Danish language.

    why can't we do any of that ? it not that bloody hard. im we can tell the illegal immigrants with no paperwork to turn around and claim in France after all the French allowed them on the boats , just like we fine airlines if they allow anybody to board without correct documentations, the French should take responsibilty.

    we need people with skills that will contribute to thsi country and support its ideals and aims , instead of dole scrouging, imams that pee on our country in thanks by running us down in public. dutch immigration denmark immigration retricting radical imam entering Denmark

    im not happy about this , privatising our border controls