The EU is at it again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Goku, Sep 7, 2005.

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    Looks like yet another worthless law is being introduced to reduce our ability to think for ourselves… :roll: :roll:

    Surly it goes against my human rights to take away my busty barmaids!!??!! 8O
  2. Unbelievable! :x

    This is the last straw. Time to form a BEF and take Strasbourg. Can we go back to running our own country please?
  3. I can´t believe they want to stop this:

    @ superfurryanimal:
    If you want to form an AEF* count me in.

    * Arrse Expeditionary Force
  4. Excellent, that's two of us!
  5. Need any guns?
  6. Nope, becuase Guns are nasty implements and have been banned by the EU (with full support of Mandleson and Crony Tony) along with pencils, pens and knives... We're only alowed to bash each other over the head with Computer hardware or cricket bats... Luckily As a nation of cricket players We're quids in...

  7. I hate to stop the jumping on the band wagon, but MEPs voted against the proposal.

    Another case of read the article, before jumping to narrow-minded conclusions.
  8. Not exactly, it appears to have been edited since this morning – at the time of posting the article said MEPs were due to vote.
  9. Should you be right (no way to tell now), then wait for the outcome before jumping on the bandwagon.

    Common Sense? :roll:
  10. I saw it as yet another prime example of the pure stupidity of the meddling EU in our everyday lives. That such a law should get as far as seeking approval from the European parliament is laughable.
    This was hardly ever a serious topic and was begging to be poked fun of.

    Is it really worth you getting the arrse ache? :roll:
  11. I reserve the right to criticise the 260 who voted for this. :x
  12. This law as stupid as it sounds was actually intended to protect the employers against being sued by workers, and the workers from being forced to being exposed to the sun.

    As it was explained on the telly here in Germany it would not force the busty barmaids to cover up just that the bosses could not insist that they wear the dirndl, which a lot of pub owners here do at the moment.

    Also the boss would have to warn the workers about sun damage and stop workers sueing when/if they get skin cancer and blame the boss for making them work outside.

    As with a lot of the stuff that comes out of the EU the original idea was a good one but the medja puts a pretty good spin on it in order (as always) to get a good story that will sell.

    How many of these "straight banana" stories have actually been true as reported in the press? Very very few of them.

    See the Euro Myths page for a list of the type of scare mongering that our wonderful media serves up on a regular basis.
  13. Th evote effectively leaves it in the hands of national governments, so all coloured builders will be allowed to sue UK plc.
  14. ^ FFS :roll: what is wrong with these Europeans