The Eternal Struggle


Freud once said that the only thing he was not able to understand was women. They're something we feel we must conquer, one at a time. Somtimes it's hard (with age it's decidedly not :lol: ), sometimes they're easy, but it's always there in the back of our minds.

What were the easy times, the hard times, the dry times? It's obvious after reading a few threads on the ARRSE that there are definately candidates who need some education.

Me you say, I don't know what you're talking about!

So bare all (metaphorically) and tell us your stories (and tips if you feel it necessary).
If you think women in general are bad, try ones who wear a grey beret 8O

In 20 odd years of working with them, not once have I come to understanding how their minds work.

I've given up with them and now masterbate frantically every night over pictures of Corporal in drag, he's a man and I understand how his mind works- well as close as we can understand the USMC
So what do you need to know exactly?! Your only requirement is to get into her knickers on a regular basis..... it's easy:

1. Stay your unreconstructed male self - we don't like wimps
2. Take out the rubbish without being asked, offer to do the washing up and hoovering occasionally - she'll believe you see her as your equal
3. When she's telling you her problems, don't offer any solutions - trust me, we're a lot brighter than you and can work that one out for ourselves - just make lots of 'mmmm' noises and keep eye contact - she'll think you're a sensitive listener

Hey Presto!
Not looking for advice more some good stories to chuckle over since I'm more bored than a fudge packing nympho.

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