The eternal sideburn question?????????

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by threaders-vm, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. Right then.
    There was a question put forward in soldier mag a couple of months ago questioning the army rules and regulations regarding lengths of sideburns for male soldiers. As of yet there has been no reply from the men upstairs and I am threaders with being told to 'take mine up' every monday morning. As far as I can see there is nothing in queens regs that specifies any maximum length of chops allowed. as the end of xmas leave is approaching, can anyone give the absolute answer?.
    Surely a big set of mutton chops looks mean and military!
  2. Only if you are a member of recce troop in the 1970's.

    I'm sure your RSM will be more than happy to show you the relevant Dress regs on your return on Monday (if you ask him nicely that is). ;)
  3. Just keep them at or above the middle of the ear and you won't get the Monday mornong routine... Simple..??

    Mutton chops look like the 1970s, or Leeds today.

    Stop trying to phuck people about and don't big time by quoting QRs
  4. I was told that the Army only measures one thing from the ground up - and it's not sidburns ;-)

    I saw an answer in 'Soldier' the other day, so check out the latest edition.
  5. If you've been told to take them up 'every Monday morning', why fcuking haven't you?

    Fcuking gobshiet barrack-room lawyering sprog cnut. Just do what yer told.
  6. You have 2 options:

    a. Take the 'burns up as you have been told.
    b. Piss off and get a job in 'Top Man' is you are worried about looking new age.

    I suggest the latter option fits your bill.
  7. You are in the wrong job if you can't do as you are told.
  8. Advice from the ex-RSM sitting next to me:

    "Shut it. Cut'em."

    Edited to clarify.
  9. Ha Ha

    good one

    Stag on REME VM type
  10. But Recce Troop in the 80's was cool to have large siddies and a big bandito moustache well cool!!!

    There was 3 guys in my old Sqn 9You know who you are!) and our RSM wouldnt tell them coz he didnt want to wake up next to a horses head!!!

    The Kray twins at the WD's woz well 'ard!
  11. I am a great exponent of the 'Burnard', for my whole time in the Army there has always been a fight for the bloke to lengthen the said burnard and for the hierarchy for elevation of the burnard...long may it continue. I have found the best tactic is to bring them down a gnats knacker at a leave shock tactics of a dead rabbit suddenly appearing on the face will promote angst amongst the shouty ones.

    As for those gobbing off on this forum about getting them up and doing as you are told....bore off....I guess you are just hairless wonders who could never cultivate a decent lamb chop in the first place. Keep licking the RSM's ring boys!

    Keep bucking the the system threaders_vm....the toms arent supposed to make the troop managements life easy! Have you ever considered Bugger Grips? Now they are the mark of a true man!!
  12. Is that the limit of you ambition then...?? To annoy the RSM.

    You sound very able.

    You a Lance Jack yet...??

    No didn't think so.
  13. The boy has a point in that there are noe regs saying you have to its an historic RSM/SSM says so line, there are no regs its just seen by the majority of old school managers as "not the done thing"

    **** it get them down level with the bottom of ones ears is acceptable to me, if its equal ops for all why cant we tie our hair back and wear a sleeper in each ear, oh I know because its gay, because its not the done thing, etc etc etc

    Bore off
  14. First Q...No...I'm very inclusive, I like to annoy lots of people
    Second Q....I know
    Third Q....I work very hard to keep both my rank and my Burnards!!

    Sorry if I have upset you Santa
  15. Trousers.........

    Believe me, you have not upset me. Been there. Done that. I have got where I am going..... Even seen one or two like you on the way.

    Good kuck with your 'burner' crusade. Though I suspect some bigger and better have given it 'all that' and come off second best before you started.