The Eternal Question of the Nice guy vs the B*stard.

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by StabTiffy2B, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. We all know that I'm a bit of a b*stard. On the forums, and in the real world, the women often give me abuse (rightly so for some). Yet, when they're not in their little group, they openly admit that they fancy the pants off me.

    One of my ex's used to go off into right little spats about how much of a t0sser I was (she was a bit of a bunnyboiler), yet she couldn't leave me alone. Even one of the 'old salt maidens' sent me a PM about how much she thinks about me. :D

    So my question is this; Why do women fancy the wrong blokes? There are plenty of nice guys who would treat a girl right, that are single, while guys like me are fighting them off with a sh1tty stick.

    Over to you.

    (P.S. Inline with the Moderator's latest rules this is a semi-serious topic and shouldn't be used for slagging each other off).
  2. I've tried the acting nice route Tiffy, never works unless you are sharking in on your mates bird with the sympathetic shoulder routine. Caddishness and beastliness is definitely the way forward!
  3. I blame the hormones. Apparently during certain times of our 'cycle' we are attracted to b4stards, i.e the time that we are most fertile. That's apparently in order to have strong ferocious babies.

    We only want girly men when we want to settle down the rest of our cycle and want a sucker father-figure to bring up the b4stards babies. :wink:

    I'm sure I read something like that in the New Scientist. There is something like that at the bbc here:

    Personally I guess it is because b4stards represent a challenge? Like you boys, you rarely go for the fat sl4g in the corner who is gagging for a shagging until 2 o'clock comes round. Until then you might as well try and pull a fit bird. :twisted:
  4. They think they can change them.

    They are so wrong!
  5. Its a two edged sword, I've always been a "nice guy" and almost without exception, all the women I've known (in the Biblical sense) have been in long term relationships with ar$eholes who have treated them poorly. If they have half a brain they bug out and find themselves somone who treats them decently.
    Theres definitely an age factor to take into account here though. Under 30 you're probably best off being the ba$tard and catching them while they're still naive enough to put up with it. Over 30, the smart ones have figured it out and opt for the good life. At 39, I'm getting more opportunities than ever, I havent had to resort to the sh1tty stick yet, but I'm certainly not lonely. :D
  6. Ive always found there are actually more nice guys out there than b**stards. However, I believe inside every b**stard is a nice guy bursting to break out and once the mentality has changed and matured, break out he will :wink:
  7. 'Mr Nice Guy' and 'The Other Fella' (The Bloke On The Side) are the same person......................... it works for me.
  8. It also depends on what the woman wants...if she's looking to settle down and raise a family...then the good guys win every time. If she's looking for some thrills and hot sex...then it's the bad boy. Bad boys are ours to have for a "good time but not a long time". I also agree with the comment that "she thinks she'll be the one to tame him" and sometimes it happens...we've all seen men who are hellions settle down with the right woman and become a family man.

    Question...I'm new to all of do you insert those enlightening (mostly) at the end of your posts?
  9. OOPS...I fogot to say enlightening quotes.
  10. If I tell you, does that make me one of the nice ones?
  11. Go to your "Yr Acct" at the top of the page then go to "my account tools" at the left of the page and click on "my profile information. Bingo many many boxes to fill in but the one your looking for is the signature.
  13. ....but then I've also devoted a lot of time and effort to being the wrong woman ...
  14. If you`ve ever wondered why women go for "Bad Guys ", you`ve just learned a key driving force. In reality, most of these Bad Guys aren`t Bad Guys They`re simply untouchable. They do things on their own terms. They can`t be negotiated with... They act with authority, and get the respect that goes along with it. They can`t be tested. They maintain independence from social constraints.

    This is the kind of independence that ........ has glorified, because it`s a position that commands respect and authority. Women string guys along until they find a guy that they can`t string along. Then that woman`s attention will suddenly center 100% on this new guy, and the guys who were being strung along are all but forgotten.
  15. So its abuse or be abused? Thanks for the pointer.