The enigmatic E Squadron - what do you think they use?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Get me to the Mess, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. E Squadron

    E Squadron - the United Kingdom's secret clandestine operations (or 'black ops' as the kids would call them) unit. The only things known about them is that they're UKSF who work with SIS ('MI6' for the kids again), and they first came to public light in the embarrassing situation of being caught by the rebels they were supposed to be setting up relations with in Libya, as reported here:

    BBC News - Inside story of the UK's secret mission to beat Gaddafi

    A few more details on them have been gleamed from this interview with 'Nicholas Anderson', author of the Non-Official Cover: British Secret Operations books:

    Insights Into MI6: E Squadron - YouTube

    He says they're 'uncamo', and 'not even little wires hanging out of their ears'.

    So what I wanted to ask is, what kind of weaponry and equipment might E Squadron use? By uncamo, does that mean they don't even wear body armour? What about communications? As for weapons, I'd assume that being UKSF, they'd use what their regiments would normally use. But just concealable pistols, or MP5Ks?
  2. Try looking here.
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  3. They usually choose from a selection of uniforms depending on role and climate - the most commonly worn are the full Samurai armour (including funny helmet with horns) in temperate climes and the Roman Centurion with big brass hat and red brush on top of it for desert ops (the skirt allows air to circulate under the armour and helps regulate body temperature while the sandals help to prevent sweaty feet and embarrassing foot odours).

    Webbing, clearly, is an important part of any soldier's personal equipment and E Sqn are no different. Every member of the Sqn is issued a set of 1908 pattern webbing. Although this may seem out of date in this modern world of ally kit monsters the ability to carry 75 rounds of 0.303'' ammunition, a Lee Enfield bayonet and a water bottle is still seen as vital for UKSF because of the weapons they carry.

    The weapons themselves are all important - as you would expect for the cream of Britain's shadowy SF elite they are issued with the very best killing technology that the British Treasury can afford.

    First off are the individual's rifle (also known as a 'gat' or a 'long', make sure you include that in your article). Brown Bess muskets are very popular thanks for their close range killing power while the 0.577'' Martini-Henry is slowly entering service as a Designated Marksman Rifle issued on a scale of one per four man team to provide long range firepower outside the performance envelope of the other personal weapons on issue.

    Being SF though, E Sqn have the choice of much more than just those two weapons. Their armoury at the barracks underneath Church Drive Primary School in Port Sunlight (no-one actually believes all that Hereford shite anymore, do they?) also includes welsh longbows, Boyer Rifles and, of course, there are still many wheel lock muskets left over in service despite Brown Bess now being on general issue.

    Machine guns provide SF with invaluable fire power to back up the men with the longs. Obviously as Special Forces soldiers E Sqn require their weapons to be easy to use with huge firepower in a small package and, above all, light. The Vickers Gun is the most commonly used machine gun although some patrols do opt to take the heavier calibre but slightly more weighty 1876 Gatling Gun.

    As well as 'bullet weapons' like rifles and machine guns, portable 'explosives weapons' such as grenades, mortars etc are highly prized in the SF environment to give a small team the ability to hit the enemy hard even when out of range of friendly artillery or air support. The most common 'pocket artillery' currently in use is the 72mm Pringles Tubes mortar and every member of an E Sqn patrol will carry two or three tennis balls slit open and stuffed with match heads while the mortar operator carries the Pringles Tubes mortar will carry a further 8 or 10 rounds while his number two carries another four or five rounds plus three cans of lighter fluid to launch them. If it's likely that a patrol will require heavier support then these light weapons can be supplemented by heavier, although obviously still man portable, options. The most common of these larger pieces is the 800mm Schwerer Gustav which packs the heavy punch that SF soldiers need to defeat more numerous enemy while still being light enough to be carried and operated by three men.

    I hope all this helps you, if you decide to use this in your story please don't even consider paying me. Just drop a few quid into a poppy tin next time you're out.

    All the best!
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  4. Jesus, why not tell him ALL about it - why don't you tell him about the Puckle Gun they use, too?
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  5. As you can see from the BBC article, there are 2 main configurations that they use. When in 'black jumpsuits' then they will be armed for stealth. Typically they will carry a long weapon called a 'katana' and a short weapon called a 'tanto'. For devastating support fire they can call on the use of the longer range 'shuriken'. For extremely close fighling, such as in a house, they may well be equipped with a weapon that silently disables known colloquially as a 'nun-chukka' after an unfortunate incident in an Irish boarding school operation that went tragically wrong in 2010.

    When operating in plain clothes they can be a little more flexible and will routinely carry Carl-Gustav recoilless rifles, usually one per man, and a sidearm, usually a 'Liberator' which is almost a carbon copy of the pistol first used in WW2 when they were dropped by air to equip the French Resistance. The major difference with the modern version is that it has double the ammunition capacity of the original.

    Hope that helps, it really is a fascinating subject
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  6. Actually they're called 'E' Squadron because they like clubbing and raves and are normally off their tits on Ecstasy.
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  7. E-Squadron is basically divided into four troops, F,G,H and I. It was F-troop that came to notoriety due to the botched Libyan mission. Due to a communications breakdown, the commander of F-troop, Captain Parmenter misunderstood a signal sent by Private Dobbs. Owing to this error Parmenter ordered his 2ic, Sergeant O'Rourke and section leader Corporal Agarn to commence firing, whereupon the carriage of the crew-served weapon collapsed. The projectile went off course and destroyed an observation post manned by privates Vanderbilt and Duffy, who sufferred minor injuries.
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  8. 'H' Troop is comprised of mainly ex-3 Para Mortars and RM personnel, hence their callsign 'Hoop Troop'.

    The Sigs and technology side of ops are handled by 'I' Troop, who are sponsored by Apple.
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  9. I've also managed to obtain documentary footage.
    F-Troop Pilot theme - YouTube
  10. E Squadron also have a boat troop which uses the specially-designed 'E-Boat', made by Harland and Wölfe.

    This is the only known photo, apparently taken during its sea trials.

  11. For fucks sake man, you're not supposed to tell him that the SBS are also part of E Sqn.......
  12. Ta for that. Had forgotten about the lass with the pointy norks. Mmmm pointy.
  13. Are those the ones stored in the white boathouse, or the red one?
  14. Don't be silly. All E Squadron soldiers are equipped with the very best Body Armour money can buy...^_~

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