The England Cricket Team - time for a few sackings?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by schweik, Jul 30, 2008.

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  1. Useless sods are being battered by SA again. And we've got the Ashes coming up next year. Time to take some action before its too late.

    Vaughan, Collingwood and Ambrose should definitely go. Maybe Strauss should be the new captain. Amongst the bowlers, Harmy (not playing this match) is ultra unreliable and should never pull on an England shirt again. Sidebottom and Anderson can be alright on their day, but are hardly electrifying. Lets hope Hoggy and Simon Jones rediscover a bit of form.

    Altogether its rather depressing.

    Who would you pick (a) to play, and (b) as captain.
  2. Who would you have replace Ambrose? Nixon? Personally i'd stick with ambrose. I'd like to have seen Owais(sp?) Shah have a decent run.

    Harmy has the best county figures out there at the moment IIRC! I'd also like Panesar to be replaced (not sure who with though!) He's a liability!!!!!!

    Thank chuff for Freddie!!!!
  3. Those cricketers seem to be on a continual extended holiday playing their way through adulthood. 'Bout time they got proper jobs and stopped fcuking about because with the exception of playing for the Ashes no one is the slightest bit interested in them.
  4. Give them a break guys, it's only day 1. They might bowl SA out for 100 by lunch tommorrow and thrash them by day 3!

    At least that's what the Emperor Mong is whispering :)
  5. Prior for Ambrose, Yes to Owais Shah. Trouble with Harmy is he's all over the place. Good one day, atrocius the next. Panesar must stay. No-one better.

    And yes, thank chuff for Freddie (who was left stranded on 36 today following an inept performance by the tail (including Panesar!). He was not a happy bunny!)
  6. Vaughan has resigned the captaincy today. Who do you think will take the job??? Flintoff? Straus??
  7. Cook for captain - certainly of the Test side, though none of the top 6 batsmen look safe in the side, with the possible exception of Pietersen (who should be dropped on principle for trying to get his ton with a six down to Cow corner).

    Pietersen isn't a captain, which might make the selectors try to be creative (hopefully not in a Pattison-type way) - so maybe Rob Key will get another look - Kent have gone pretty well with him...

    As far as keepers go, I think we might have another look at Foster, but we may need to go back to Prior, just to always be able to have 5 bowlers.

    Personally, I'd like to see Harmison back in the side, for no reason other than that he can hit the track hard, has proper pace, and offers something different to endless swing from Anderson and Sidebottom... Simon Jones, if fit, will be back into the mix. Apart from that, Stuey Broad needs to be in the side. Adil Rashid has had a poor season for the Yorkies, but may be a genuine test leggie, and can actually bat and field properly unlike Monty - but it would be nice to have the option of 2 proper spinners....

    The bloke who's head should be on the block is Peter Moores.
  8. Give it to me I can't do any worse.
  9. 26 wins, 14 draws and 11 defeats.

    So whilst I acknowledge that the side haven't set the world on fire in the last couple of years, the bloke had a better set of stats than Brearley, Peter May, Gower, Gatting etc.

    First captain since Gatting to get the Ashes, winning the best Series I've ever seen, against the Aussies at the VERY top of their game... The guy pulled together a great side (building on fantastic efforts from Nasser Hussain and Mike Atherton), and deserves to be remembered for the good results, not the last game.
  10. I'd imagine MV has been asled to stand-down prior to being dropped. He's done nothing since coming back from injury. I just hope that the ECB do not put KP in charge of the Test side.
  11. Nodandawink: yes, he was a good captain but his (1) playing form and (2) captaincy have gone downhill. He is past his sell by date.

    Ozduke: Agreed. KP should not captain (now, if ever). I think the only reasonable choice now is Strauss.

    Interesting to see that Collingwood has also resigned the 1 day captaincy. Smacks of an establishment "coup". They were told to jump before they were pushed. Which makes me worry that someone has KP in mind ...
  12. You may well be right - his batting hasn't been good enough and with the other batsmen failing we can't afford a specialist captain a la Brearley. I think the bloke has gone out with dignity, and can be proud of his record.

    As far as KP is concerned, I don't believe that even his monumental ego would be able to carry his batting and allow him to captain the side. We need his runs too much. He'd also probably fall out with the players...

    My bet is Strauss or Cook, and my personal preference would be Cook - he seems to have the right attitude. Ian Bell might be worth a shout, but I'm still not convinced he's consistent enough to stay in the side...
  13. Nah, Cook's too young.

    Mind you, our immediate future doesn't look good whoever we appoint. Perhaps Cook might be a reasonable bet for the longer term future.

  14. As for captain I would go with Robert Key from Kent(Though the selectors will propbably go for Strauss or Mr Money Bags Pietersen) one of the best reasons was heard tonight on R5 and have to agree that Vaughan is a remant of the Fletcher era and Peter Moores can now have a carte blanche for his direction. Robert Key is an excellent captain in all forms of the game 20, 40, 50, 4 day and his record speaks for himself. (Yes I am a Kent fan but also a realist) Keeping should be Foster; his glove work as seen on telly admittedly is second to none and he has scored a few runs lately. Broad back yes (Remember he trained as a batsman first) Harmison no way, Jones is not quite fit enough yet. Vaughan to go back to county cricket to find his batting (and he is a very good batsman) and time for Shah or Bopara or maybe Denly. Panasaar to go back to Northants as well for some back to basics cricket and give someone else (?) a chance.

    Will stop now as this could go on and on and on and............

  15. Does anyone feel like blaming the new ClimaCool kit? :roll: