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The enemy within?

This is a link from a leaflet I picked up in my local takeaway. I think the expression "cause for concern" is an understatement, but maybe the red mist filter came down too fast?

The sponsoring organisation is called Hizb ut-Tahir, and is British based.

Adobe acrobat needed
I'm waiting for the "relevant authorities" to pm me Cashie....

OK infedels.......heads up!  If you don't like our politics........stay the fcuk out of our kebab shops!  Yeah, you love us when you're pissed up, hungry and want somebody to abuse....but any other day of the week, all you're interested in is 20 fags and the Daily Sport.

Come the revolution brothers and sisters, come the revolution..!

Kohda Hafez!

Mohammed Sonic
<<<<<<<Looks at Wali Al-Ma_Sonic and Abdullah Al-Eagle with grave suspicion...  ;D
E - shokor!

Khub hasti?.   Shoma Dari gap zadan?  Man Dari mayamozam.  (although I'm still a bit Janet & John!)


War Hero
How about next time you are in the shop, ideally late one Fri/Sat night, ask very loudly his views of this leaflet.  Hopefully, the shop will be full and maybe his views of sudden cash loss Vs loyalty to Allah will tip the balance :mad: ;D
That leaflet, is just the tip of the iceberg.

I'd certainly equate it, to the passing of cakes before the Indian mutiny.

There is a concerted campaign going on, near this location, by Islamic "Hardliners" to influence the youth, hence the reason, that this leaflet, and others like it, appear in muslim cafes and takeaways, with increasing frequency.

Now, ok, a lot of it is anti-war, from people who are rightly concerned. However, there is a shedload more, that , if you read carefully between the lines, is aimed at "preparing us for the fight brothers"

We are seeing increasing visits by Islamic hardliners to this neck of the woods. I'd say, it was almost a campaign trail. the same thing is going on in Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham and London.

I've no doubt the secret Desk Soldiers are keeping a weather eye out, but this is like the bloody Hydra.

We've already had reports on local news, of Al-quaeda videos being sold openly at mosques, fund-raising activities and speakers at mystery locations.


I know this will appar terribly rascist etc, but, there is a swell of feeling happening within Islamic youth,reinforced by hardline agitators, all operating very quietly, cloaked in anominity, with the quasi-protection of their communities and Mosques.

Perhaps the problem is, while it's easy to understand the filth and incitement spewed by the BNP, or the sinister undertones of any PIRA hearts and minds campaign, and act against it, this sort of propoganda, is not aimed at the indigenous population of the UK.

Culturally, it is happening behind closed doors, and as such, is tremendously difficult to defend against.

Now, as I find these things, I will post links to what is being said, to raise awareness, of just how widespread this action is.....



War Hero
You know what I dont understand is if I go to a country and really do not like the culture, well I try to respect it and just accept that they live like that.  If I really hate the culture then maybe I would think about living in an environment that better suits me.  A simple example is that some soldiers have hated living in Germany and cant wait for a UK posting back, whilst others stay on and accept the German culture (mustard coloured trousers, no sense of humour, hairy armpits ;D) and attempt to live in harmony.

My point is, if they really hate life in this Western World then why not go and live in an Islamic envornment where they would feel more comfortable??

Something to do with  social care, free education, safe environment, stability, health . . . . . . . maybe???
I am going to make 2 points here, ve-ery carefully, because I do not mean to be a) controversial (for a change I know); b) offensive, - but

1. I have started reading pamphlet and will spend more time on it later. So far, it appears to be a rebuttal of Govt policies and the beliefs they are based on.........I don't have a problem with people disagreeing with the party line. Don't forget these people are seeing this problem from a completely different perspective to us, and to them, what they believe is as true to them as our beliefs are to us;

2. I think (and any Muslims out there please correct me if I'm wrong) that one of their beliefs is that they have a duty to convert people and nations to Islam. That's why they feel they are justified in living in this country, trying to convert the heathen population by any means necessary.

I DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THESE POINTS OF VIEW!! I am simply trying to understand what makes people do the things they do.

There is absolutely no doubt that there is a large number of Muslim people and a large number of non-Muslim people (mainly white Western Christians) heading on a direct collision course that is going to result in the death and maiming of thousands of us.

We are ALL (both East and West) going to have to go through a profoundly uncomfortable period of understanding each other better if this situation is going to be anything but a running abcess that will continually re-infect our respective societies.

The checks and balances that keep our world in it's current configuration are failing to keep the status quo - and maybe that's because SOME of those checks and balances consist of Governments distorting nationalistic aspirations beyond breaking point ( e.g., Palestinian/Israeli  - American Jewish lobby), commercial vested interests supporting oppressive, co-operative regimes (Saudi Arabia, Burma, Chile, - add to the list as you see fit) and so on and on.

The Governments who stand accused here are our own and those of our allies - UK, USA, Russian, French . They do these things with our votes, in our names and they do it to buy our support with one of the best standards of living we have ever had in the West. They do it directly, or by proxy, but however it's done, those means have our names written all  over them.

Are we prepared to see the changes in our economies, environments and levels of luxury that will result from wealth and health being more evenly distributed around the planet? No? Well, then do we pay with war with the Have Nots?
That leaflet, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps the problem is, while it's easy to understand the filth and incitement spewed by the BNP, or the sinister undertones of any PIRA hearts and minds campaign, and act against it, this sort of propoganda, is not aimed at the indigenous population of the UK.

Culturally, it is happening behind closed doors, and as such, is tremendously difficult to defend against.


The thing is, it isn't all happening behind closed doors. I live in one of the areas where the UK tallitubbies were recruited from and I can assure you that all of their political propaganda bullsh1t is quite out in the open.

The problem is that the press, with the possible exception of a local Sunday paper called the Sunday Mercury, are afraid to report it (less they are accused of being racist) and the Police are powerless to stop it (freedom of expression and all that malarkey).

The muslims have quite happily and openly isolated themselves from the rest of the local population and the BNP is winning votes hand over fist off the back of it. The only reason they didn't win our last local election is because the vote was split between 2 right wing parties (The BNP and the Freedom Party), who between them, polled 46% of the vote. Labour won in the end with 31%.

B liars gov will just stand back and watch until it erupts into an all out riot (we have already had a few tasters of that here) and the BNP succeed in getting a couple of MP's elected. Then he'll start to panic.

All i can say is that it's a good job they found the AK47 that I had stashed in the refuelling tube holder after GW1 !
Thank you C_C, will look at that later

Eagle!! Another volunteer for your coup!! He looks rather sweet dosn't he - not..........mmmmm, I think you should pay him a visit when you're Defence Sec.....
You're not far from my location, and you're right.
In recent times, the secrecy has become quite open.
As has more militant action by the hardliners. I don't think the rest of the UK know how many near riots we've had, it just doesn't get reported.

Do you remember MI5 raiding that bookstore? Well there are others, selling far more inflamatory texts , books etc. the number of public rallies are increasing, as well as visits by hardliners.

I am not trying to instil panic, but, if you want to fight the war against terrorism, you could do worse than the Midlands......

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