The end of Trousers / lightweight

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Birddog, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,

    Well it is a sad day in Hampshire. I have just seen on part one orders that L/W Trousers are no longer supported. Cadets will in future be issued 2 pairs of combats.

    I have always like l/w for drill and the like.

    When I was a Cadet we had Barrack Trousers and the Girls wore Barrack Skirts and it did look smart. Sadly they have gone and now L/W are set to follow.

    I also feel bad come Remembrance Sunday when the Sea Cadets are in their Square Rig, The ATC in their best Blues and we turn up in L/W Jersey order.

    With out l/w we are going to be in combats not good at all. Hopefully it will be a while before they finally run out and we can still do Parades and high profile stuff in them.

    Any one else out there in ACF Land in the same boat?


  2. This happened in my county some time ago.
    Fortunately most units knew it was coming so managed to stockpile lightweights for use on rememberance days etc.
    The cadets now apparently get issued
    1x Combat Jacket
    1x CS95 shirt/jacket
    2x CS95 Trousers
    1x Jersey heavy wool
    2x OG shirts.

    I have no idea how long the shirts and jumper have left but im sure they will go before long.
    Its a crying shame really as now the ACF have no smart dress at all.
    As you said barracks were excellent. '95 kit does not generally fit the smaller cadets at all well and often looks scruffy regardless of how well its ironed and worn.
    I went to watch my old unit last year on Rememberance day and I
    cringed at what I saw. Marine cadets in blues, sea cadets in their rig, ATC in their blue jumper/trousers ensemble, and then the ACF in CS95 looking like a bag o shoite. Their drill was on par with the regular contingent (Regular Captains words) but they looked crap.
    I know of some units that have aquired and bought No.2 dress for special occasions, but this is only really suitable for the olde/ taller cadets as you are hard pushed to find munchkin sized two's.
    But then again if rumour control is correct with the return of barrack/lightweight dress to the regulars, you may see them back on a cadet soon. Here's hoping.
  3. Chaps
    They are going as they are a non issue item now, so to supply them would cost too much money, like the TA and Army they wont be issued!but i agree with the fact it looks scruffy as hell on the smaller cadets,
    My Area now only issues 95 kit, so no OG stuff except the jumper
    I am surprised your area only issues 1 95 shirt? do you not also get the t shirts?
    Remeberance sunday our local TA marches in CS95 and because of this so do the cadets
    Only the very senior cadets like the adults get issued with Number 2s

  4. T-shirts? never...
    They are available to buy of course :roll:
    Its not that the stuff is not there to issue, but stores are for storing.......
  5. I have been "attached" to my local acf unit for ages and have always thought that cadets look scruffy as hell in CS95 and that it should be reserved for the field, lightweights are still issued at ITC Catterick where especially the Gaurds Div get a good use out of them and they are allot smarter for parades and such like, i am quite sure that ACF CAA's still have enough stock to issue at least one set for parade/formal occasions, oh and Bird dog is right, the ACF do look less smart than the other military associated units on remembrance sunday, half the CS95 kit they wear is ten times too big or they wear it incorrectly with bizzerk s*^t hanging from pockets etc which is a massive shame
  6. I heard that the Regular Army are bringing Lightweights back in as well. It's for budgetary reasons as C95 is far more expensive and so wearing it everyday as "workin dress" means lots of wear and tear and lots of exchanges.

    Lightweights are far cheaper and smarter but I think C95 is more comfortable to work in and it's good for the kids. We don't have the boats and planes of the SC and ATC so the "warry" aspect of what we do is one of the biggest recruitment pulls as far as I can see.
  7. As an ATC adult I concur about CS95 being 'warry'

    Problem is anything 'warry' is being expunged from the ATC slowly but surely. In ten years it will have gone (as will the RAF, probably) or be little more than scouts with gliders and light planes. (No shooting!)

    As for flying, well thats not worth the wait. We are to be rationed to 3 sorties per cadet per year. Many are already struggling to make that now.

    As for blue kit, we are having problems. Now I know the RAF doesnt exist for our sole benefit, but we are allegedly one of their top 10 priorities. Stackers like to remind us 'Don't you know there's a war on?' (transl: I am not getting up off my fat arrse for an air cadet)

    Well, slacker stacker, last time I looked at BBC news, that war was being fought in sandy places, by people wearing sandy coloured stuff. So where has all the blue kit gone?

    As for S95 kit we are not doing too badly. We can manage 3 out of 4 cadets getting, 1xs95 trousers, 1x s95 shirt, 1x s95 smock. Usually new or in super grade condition. Soon we might have to parade in s95 kit as the blue stuff runs out!
  8. Consider yourselves lucky, For working dress in the cadet force I am in as an instructor we are allowed to order from our national store in Portsmouth 1 x pair of 95 trousers and we can only have OG shirts with them !!!. What a combination

    Why this happens I haven't a clue. So if you are after a pair of light weights try your local Marine Cadet detachment.
  9. I regret this for the Army as a whole, as well as the ACF. It's been said many times in these pages that the Army needs a smart uniform that falls between CS95 and No.2/Service Dress. I've still got my puttees somewhere in the loft...

    Hey, Its_A_Troop, I have only one issued CS95 shirt, one pair of CS95 trousers and no t-shirt! Do the Cav get more? ;-)
  10. The only thing that is consistent is change and the fact that nobody likes it..............I think lightweights suck.......i wore them as a tom as working dress and always felt old fashioned in comparison to other NATO forces........they all wear BDU type dress and it is smart and practical.......we should be pleased that we have the stuff and should help the cadets wear it better instead of'll be asking for the return of hairy mary's next........or the old 67 jacket or 58 webbing............would it surprise you if I told you that a man has walked on the moon??
  11. Seems so matey
    Is that what you were issued from county?
    or what you carried over?
    Im sure we can get you some more stuff though mate

  12. We still get issued lightweights & 2 x green shirts, plus the standard items in my county.

    But we are issued with 95 trousers and jackets, both types the ripstop and non ripstop.

    We sadly do not get issued the 95 shirts they are a private purchase job, if you wish to wear them, which 99.9% of the county does.

    It is true lightweights, shirt and jumper look the mutts for parades when properly pressed, perhaps county CAA and QM`s should start identing for loads now of various sizes before they are gone!
  13. CAAs probably will order the last stocks and then sell them to you via the local shop! :pissedoff:

    Then there will be the containers turning up at you local surplus store/fair from official sales, why not divert these to the ACF? :frustrated:

    I often wonder if the TA/Reg ACF baiters realise how much money ACF staff on the ground spend on their Cadets out of their hard earned, you would not see this going on in the TA.

    As usual with most things in this country it is run on the good will of the individual while official funds evaporate before reaching the ground where they are needed. :pissedoff:
  14. Lol some of my new cadets still use 58 webbing! We sell it for £5 a time.
  15. All of my cadets have to use 58 webbing unless they have purchased there own,
    Area HQ does have sets of PLCE for competitions etc