The end of times is upon us!!!!

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I find myself agreeing with Ricky fecking Gervais.

That reads like a Viz Top Tip.

wish I'd thunk of it.
You'd think that people wouldn't need to be told that......

They won't learn their lesson....
If I had a twatter account, I think i would post something like:

"Celebs, make it easier for me to download your selfie porn by posting the pics on your facebook page."
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I had look a for more of the Kate upton ones Mac put up and I found a hashtag thing that took me to a site with all the leaked ones, so I don't hate hashtags today.
If your computer is conected to tinterweb it can be hacked.
Doesn't even need to have an internet connection. If you run a wireless router can it could be done anywhere within wireless range.
Home pcs tend to be less secure than corporate machines for obvious reasons. But there's more to harvest from corporate servers than doing home machines unless you have a specific home IP address to target (for this type of thing anyway).
My personal (guess) is. IF? This is an iCloud breach, it's been done originally and internally over a long period of time by an apple employee.

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