The end of the world.Part III

Amazing, astonishing. Why? It broke down within a day!

Why is that 'amazing, astonishing'?

I was certain that 'Swamper' Brown was not the engineer in charge - but maybe he I am wrong. This colliding thing was not a Prescott project was it?
"Stand By Collider launch"

"Standing by",

"All systems checked?",

"Systems checked, we are GO!",

"Light blue touch paper"



Oh well, anyone for Beer?. :roll: :roll:
It'll happen on Sunday. The whole world will go up in one big, almighty bang and that'll be the end of civilisation as we know it. How do I know? Cos I'm gonna win the lottery on Saturday night and, knowing my luck, the world will end the day after (or I'll get knocked down by a number 7 bus).
I hope they find the 'Missing Particle' from Neues Arbeits.... Maybe a 'Broone Bosun'..... ain't a 'Bosun' the chappie who stears a ship....?? Feck me I just realsied 'Bosun Brown' has been steering the Ship of State for 2 and a bit years now..... No collisions as yet.... unless the '2-Shaggs Particle'.. is one of these 'Free Radicals' floating a round the periphery of Neues Arbeits....

But I think when the Neues Arbeits Collider is fully operational... all the 'Large Particles' will rise to the Top.... and theres one floating around Euro-land somewhere.... the 'Sainted Teflon' particle....

Oh feck me.... I think I had better shut down and go off to beddy-byes now.... I just cannot be serious about 'Colliders' or anything else tonight.... :p :p :roll:
Quote Frankie Boyle. " If they want to see something spinning round at the speed of light, they should come and watch my electric meter".


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Ah, Franky Boyle - he was a great comedian in his day, and he will be again after his current run of success.

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