The End of the World,Part Deux.

I wouldn't worry too much - fusion power is more like a dripping tap of sunshine, rather than a bucket-full.

In fact it's bl**dy difficult to stop the pilot-light blowing-out. :lol:

The real question is why more effort hasn't been applied to making it work - considering climate-change, gas/oil supply "issues", etc...

Insert conspiracy theory here . . . . . . . . . . . . :p
Funny how the "target chamber" looks just like the spaceship reactor room in "Event Horizon"..... and look what happened to all of them....
[Arthur C Clarke head on]Wouldn't worry about it, fusion reaction is the gay younger cousin of fision.

Fusion uses little tiny bits at a time so a runaway is impossible, fision can burn a hole to China if the fancy takes it. Although this would save on air fare as we could just jump into the hole whilst wearing anti gravity boots. [Arthur C Clarke head off]
Are you some kind of Geoffrey Dahmer. Let Mr Clarke rest in peace
Much as Trinny and Susannah look like they have grafted heads onto their bodies, it will never catch on. It is not a fashion, more a niche market.
Aunty Stella said:
Northern Monkey said:
Are you some kind of Geoffrey Dahmer. Let Mr Clarke rest in peace
His scooped out face fits quite nicely over mine Sir, so I'll request that you keep your fashion comments to yourself.

Bet you'd look good in the uniform, too... :wink:

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