The End of the World.... how will you celebrate?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Litotes, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. The end of the world is being discussed in this very funny thread:

    Large Hadron Collider

    But the Intelligence Cell thread is far too restrained for such an opportunity!

    How are you going to celebrate the end of the world, when they switch on the damn thing in a few day's time and the black hole starts destroying the world, starting with France?

    I'm going to find Carol Vorderman and ask her for a shag!

  2. ask her for a shag? its the end of the world ffs, its not like anyone is going to come and arrest you in the afterlife.

    Personally I'll be doing my mad scientist laugh and pressing the 'on' button at the Large Hadron Collider.
  3. I'm a gentleman (reportedly). It wouldn't feel right if I demanded one.

    However, you do have a point...

  4. I'd do the ex-wife's sister again just for the hell of it.

    The first time, after the divorce, was just for revenge and to scandalise the family. Six months of scandal and it never even got in the sunday papers.

    As it may be the end of the world.... just for the devilment you understand...
  5. I might go chav hunting, or possibly zanu liarbour MP hunting. Should be a laugh whilst it lasts. :twisted:
  6. I'll indulge in Mr .303, previously I've only been able to fire on ranges, possibly while enjoying my other hobby alcohol.
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I'd make one minor change from SOP for the last many decades.

    When I awake that morning, and the small voice starts whispering "You are the Grand Dongo of Mars. Yes you are. The earth and all that is in it is yours my son. Take it. Take it in fire and blood" I shall not say "Get us a coffee pet. I have that strange ringing in my ear again"

    I shall say "yes"

    And I shall move.
  8. If the consortium of mad boffins do manage to fire up their own personal black hole on the Swiss French border I will take some small comfort from the fact that the French were the first to be baked by Gamma radiation at the same time as being torn into their individual atoms by immense tidal forces and accelerating at light speed up their own arseholes.

    I would be able to extract more comfort from the fate of the Grand Nation if the entire event, the destruction of our planet, would take longer than one nanosecond, but it won't!
  9. I would sit in my car near a local speed trap, and as I accelerated past infinity I would shout "Photograph that, you b------ds!"
  10. they would and you'd have the ticket waiting for you in the next one :D
  11. Surely time to hone your skills at surprise sex? Make sure you don't use any lube as revenge for those poxy loan ads. :wink: Presumably the end will be well publicised like is in the films, so anyone who can't get a lumber might as well fetch the mess webley and check out early.
  12. Fcuking right he does; I'll be hunting down Gemma Aitkinson! :twisted: :drool:
  13. I've booked the local village hall for Thursday night (it is booked for Line Dancing on Wednesdays)
    Get the neighbours around,drink the bar dry.Close at about 23:00 ,(please remember local residents as you leave)
    Get home and watch some telly.I hope the BBC at going to cover the End Of Life As We Know It.
    Maybe it will be on iplayer?
  14. I'll be tacking my trusty claw-hammer for a walk round the local neighbourhood. I realise weeding the vegetable patch of the human race won't make any difference at that stage, but it'll be an enjoyable way to pass my last moments and it'll send me to my maker with a sense of having done the right thing.
  15. Trouble is that everybody else will have the same ideas too: revenge, drinking, debauchery etc etc so it will turn to riot & general mayhem.

    Which could easily spoil your sense of individuality and fun. Better start early.