The End of The World (best get some beers in)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spartan5762, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Well Friday by all accounts is the end of the world, I am just wondering how it will happen will it be;

    Global catastrophe a la Flash Gordon?
    More subtle, such as that boring Indian twat Earth finally getting to all and sundry and resulting in a mass suicide?
    Meteor strike?

    Anyone care to voice there ideas or preference as to how the green and blue funball gets erased?

    And as its the NAAFI bar tits,wank etc

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  2. The lizards eat it.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I hope not as I am calling in at Claypigs on the way north. I wonder if SWMBO knew all along as I have had 3 early crimbo pressies already not counting the stockings and accessories!
  4. The moon's going to throw a hissy fit and come steaming in for a close encounter.
  5. Ugly wears stockings?
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  6. I suppose your going to tell us they keep your legs warm on the shoot.
  7. Just wondering, is 24 bottles of corona, a bottle of glenfiddich, a bottle of baileys, a bottle of JD, and a bottle of glenrothes, enough to see me through till staurday morning, just incase there is "an end of the world" type thing happening.

    I'd hate to run out of booze and have to resort to the 4 bottle of california wine the wife keeps in the fridge.
  8. You let her keep wine in the fridge? I hope she sucks you off daily for the privilege of taking up your booze space

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  9. That should square it. I am going to have my bottle of Bushmills with Strongbow chasers, if the world doesn't end when I'm drinking it will the next morning.

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  10. It will start with the collapse of the internet as the world wide web becomes over flowing and there will no longer be room for deletion and dead threads will wander the Ethernet. The rapture will then follow as good posters are lifted to the heavens whilst other users, who lost their way and failed God's word: "Thou shall first use the search function before posting" will be left behind to face retribution.

    Friday is the end. OP started it.
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  11. So whoever's first in hell is getting the drinks in? 4 tequilas and a Tennants, please.

    It won't be me going first, it'll take more than 4 horsemen and an ending world to drag me off the big titted, blonde, Welsh (it was all going so well) bird who stays 2 doors down.
  12. You can save your dignity here: are you trying to water down the welsh?

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  13. No, its just that the Taff is the closest shaggable female in event of global destruction.

    Should the world not end, I'll just run away and pretend it never happened. Its been a good tactic so far. :)