The end of the Scotttish Regiments....

I just recieved this E-Mail & thought you'd be interested in it's content-

We would like to thank you for your past support for our campaign and keep you up-to-date with what has been happening in the campaign.

As a number of you will know the ill-conceived plans to disband the Royal Scots and merge them with the Kings Own Scottish Borderers is to go ahead, furthermore the remaining five Scottish Regiments will then be sent into a forced amalgamation against their will, with serving soldiers having had no democratic say in their future and with the vast majority of them opposed to the ending of their famous and beloved regiment.

Despite massive protest and a 155,000 plus petition to parliament the Labour government have ignored us all. This from a supposed 'listening government', we suppose we can expect nothing better from a Prime Minister so adept at lying and with other Labour government minister's who it would seem have gone to university to gain degrees in duplicity!! In short this Labour Government have set about destroying Scotland's famous army regiments and at the heart of this are four Scotsmen - Gordon Brown, John Reid, Adam Ingram and Tony Blair (yes their is Scot's blood in there somewhere).

"Vesting Day" - the day that the current illustrious uniforms, cap badges and caps of Scotland 's six regiments are consigned to the dustbin of history and swapped for the bland uniform and badge of the new super regiment is March 28th, 2006. A black day in Scottish history.

It does seem ironic that the would be Prime Minister, Gordon Brown is busily trying to make himself not only the veterans champion but the armed forces champion by suggestion a day for veterans day and a 3% plus pay rise for certain members of the armed forces. This is all a bit ironic, hollow and a tad suspicious. Ironic because here is the man responsible for killing Scotland's regiments of which thousands of veterans are associated to - if Mr Brown wanted to honour those veterans then perhaps he could start by not disbanding and amalgamating their regiments out of existence. Serving soldiers are still paid less than a trainee at John Lewis in Edinburgh or almost half the pay of a bus driver in Glasgow - Mr Brown cannot so easily wipe away his central part in the destruction of Scotland's regiments by suggesting a veterans day nor spending a few pennies from his defence budget.

With your help we can let the public know of the part that politicians and senior army colonels have played in dismantling one of Scotland's most famous assets - all to save a few pennies for the treasury.
Those politicians and colonels may think they can walk-away from the scene of their crime scot-free but we will make sure that this does not happen.

We have set up a special web area to record for the next 10 years every person who helps us do this. For a donation of only £10 you will not only help us place two FULL PAGE ads in the Scotsman and Herald newspapers but you will ensure that, should you wish, your name, company name and if you wish a link to your website is in place on our special website area.
Already our website is earmarked for archiving by several public archiving bodies to ensure our campaign struggle is part of Scotland's historical archives - you can be part of this by donating £10 today and knowing that you have helped the campaign get it's important message out to the Scottish public.

We have already placed such an ad last August when the launch of the Petition to Parliament took place. The full page ad enabled us to reach many thousands who signed the petition.

Whilst totally understandable that those in Scottish regiments due to be merged etc are unhappy, so what?
English regiments have had exactly the same treatment, often worse.
All regiments at the end of the day are fighting for the same queen and same country. Within regiments battalions have been lost as well as regiments losing their identity. This is all part of the scaling back of the armed forces in terms of numbers (infantry anyway). Why should the army maintain regiments that are under strength and can not recruit the numbers needed?
I will suggest that the objections to the amalgamations stem from the fact that the Scottish regiments are more so than other regiments - English, Irish, or Welsh - family regiments, stemming as they did from the clans. Also, at the time that most of these regiments were formed, the Scottish nation, and Scottish society itself, was trying to recover from the pounding it had taken after the repression following the '45 and the later Clearances. Therefore these regiments can be said the have represented the Scottish nation. Scots were disproportionally highly represented in the British Army from the late 18th century, thereby maintaining the familial links.

Put simply, there are deep-seated tribal reasons for the objections.
crabby said:
English regiments have had exactly the same treatment, often worse.
Yep, especially if they aren't famous or popular. Scottish view - fcuk the English, English view - fcuk the North, Yorkshire view - fcuk you all - we've now got our regiment.
I don't deny the strong links and feelings in those regiments. However the English regiments lost some of their identity long before the Scottish. This may be because of the pride the Scottish people show in their fighting men, however to suggest that there weren't people that felt the same when an english regiment really did recruit from one city.
The Scottish regiments have long proven themselves to be an integral part of the British Army, but they need to move with the times. If a regiment can not recruit enough soldiers of a sufficient quality then surely part of that great family/clan link has broken down?
I suppose my argument put simply is that there is a resistance to change which could be more damaging to these regiments than any amalgamation where the battalions as part of a larger regiment can keep the identity of the previous regiment whilst being provided with the required staffing levels
Precisely. Well said Sah!
Scoy, propositions like that are very likely to have the thread ,at best, locked ,and at worst, the site shut down.
I'm surprised the MODS haven't already pm'd you
Whilst i may privately agree with your idea ,I believe it might be far better for you and the site not to try and forment trouble.
If you want to organise something along those lines at least use Yahoo chat and not ARRSE.
crabby, your points are relevant and I can understand where you are coming from. but imagine if ALL english regiments were amalgamated into one "super" regiment.
you are correct in saying that scotland cannot recruit enough to sustain the current number of regiments but to wip them all out is wrong, sadly I don't have an answer to the problem but the scots are right to fight for their history.
What makes you think that ALL the English regiments will not be eventually amalgamated into one super regiment?

I suspect that this will eventually happen even if the UK maintains it own armed forces. However, I suspect that we will be subjugated into some sort of EU Farce before then.

Not a great one for conspiracy theories me, but I do believe that certain elemements of the enemy (the current government) would be more than willing to run the British (a word I honestly believe they hate) forces (another word they hate) down to the point that they will be beyond resurrection, and thus the only way in which any military activity can take place will be as part of an EU Farce and subject to their approval.

Can you imagine a re-run of the Falklands War if we had to ask EU permission to go and fight, and assuming that we received it, have to ask them permission to use their ships and troops, because we do not have any of our own. I suspect the result would be Spannish lessons for all Falkland Islanders from their new masters.

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