The End of the Noughties; where next?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. The end of the so-called Noughty decade is nigh - some 3 weeks away.

    It's been an interesting decade, starting with the possibility that all our computing equipment would die as the Millenium rolled over! In the end,it didn't and we survived.

    But I do not want to look back - I want to look forward.

    Where do you think the next ten years will take us?

    Science, technology, computing, life, the Army?

  2. Is it though? 2010 has two noughts in it.
  3. Just over ten years of socialism, just over 100 years of trying to clear the resultant national debt...
  4. I did the 70's first time round, I rather think I'll be doing it again.
  5. Downhill. Fast.

    God, I need a drink... :evil:
  6. To the end of 2019 at a rough guess
  7. twice....?

    'cos I am a prat...

  8. 2011-SEP-29: Harold Camping, president of Family Radio is reported as predicting that the end of the world will occur sometime during the eight day Feast of Trumpets in 2011. This is an eight day festival each fall in the 5th day of Ethanim, the seventh month. He has completed a book "Time Has an End: A biblical History of the World 11,013 BC – 2011 AD," Vantage Press, (2005). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store. Alternately, you could wait until after 2011-SEP when the book will probably be a lot cheaper.

    Edited to add link.
  9. Britain's power and influence will finish shrinking and start growing again for a bit; IMO it's not just our economy that's boom and bust, but our political clout on the international stage. After 10 years some politician will declare to have made Foreign Policy diasasters a thing of the past, before trying to invade Russia.

    People will continue to complain about this on the internet. After all, this wouldn't have happened in their day.

    Pop music will still be shit, but some will still be so bad that it's good.

    Owning a car will continue to become more expensive.

    The majority of people who comment at the bottom of Youtube videos will continue to be even more retarded then the dregs of ARRSE, except more of them will be Chinese or Indian, creating a more multicultural arena for stupidity.
  10. For me personally it will be Senility, Incontinence, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Obesity and any other underlying medical condition that happens to come with the ageing process, but at least I don,t have Alzhiemers.
    Did I mention Alzhiemers
  11. It all happened in the sixties.
  12. hopefully climate change,
    i hate the feck cold and wet, cold i can deal with but cold and wet no thanks !
    plus i need a good sun tan im looking pasty white at the moment
  13. What I want to know is it may be the end of noughties but the teenies don't start till 2013, so what is in between?
  14. A training bra and Hanna Montana?