The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    For the TA.

    Having seen well recruited units sh*t-canned at 4 hours notice (substantially less than the R6 / R7 that they were told to deploy at), what hope for the rest of the TA?

    This is the Sign of the Times.

  2. And it stinks.

  3. they dont give a fk about us!
  4. Well if it ceases to be Territorial and "an army" then it will be the end.
    Looks like a formalisation of the current role of providing augmentation to undermanned regular units.
  5. Dry your tears ladies and get a new hobby. Otherwise crack on with what ever is left!

  6. Pulling no punches eh mate?
  7. Been there before. My CO walked in the the TAC and said the battalion is disbanding and this TAC is closing. The Bn did disband, the TAC and everyone who wanted to stay in was rebadged by the pie and ears mob.

    If you want to stay in there will be an option. You might not be able to sit in a Bedford watching telly or sleeping on a camp bed all weekend, you may have to run about with kit on your back getting wet and dirty but there you go. Its voluntary after all, if you don't like it hand your kit in and go fishing!

  8. Personally, I will, but what about the stripeys and such? How are they going to feel about dropping rank and re trading to Inf/Eng ect. Also what about the civvys who work there and the people on FTRS? Jobless I take it.
  9. Happens everyday in the real world.
  10. Still not on though is it.
  11. What did you expect with this government, the whole army is on a warning order
  12. Interesting point there. What's the law about enforced redundancies? Consulation peroids? Or has HM Government screwed the pooch on this one? Which I'm fairly sure they have. Shit canning TA is one thing, binning Civi staff without warning is another

    If I was a said Civi and found out that my job had disppeared like this I'd be sorely tempted to either a)Check with an employment lawyer or B) scream blue murder at my uninon rep
  13. It was for ever thus!! Over my time (29 Years) The TA has been cut back, reshaped, units re-roled etc. It will always happen lets hope that this time it will be for the good. Some how I don't see it myself.
  14. Don't make me laugh... we're casual labour, and are seen as such. As for getting another hobby - i just joined the local cricket club.