The end of the BBC - or is it?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by King_of_the_Burpas, May 11, 2012.

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  1. It looks like Helen Goodman (who she?), the shadow "media minister" is going to push for the idea that the public should commission at least some of the output on the BBC.

    Agreed, the current commissioners, those unaccountable cretins who currently decide what goes on air have made a balls up of it. Perhaps Arrsers could do better.

    What will happen if the licence-payers decide what goes on air? Wall to wall Mongs' Have 'Talent'? Or will the various stuffed shirts who like to pontificate about the media cram the 'You Decide' Committees, voting for 'Trainsets Are Us', 'Christian Worship Hours' and, for the younger generation, 'Delia Smith Cooks Her Own Intestines' in HD?

    I was going to argue that 'the great unwashed' would commission anything as long as Ant and Dec were presenting it (including State Funerals). But that would be unjust: the current batch of programme commissioners have already decided on their behalf that this is what the nation wants.

    So perhaps the viewers should have their say....
  2. Be a better idea if they had a top up card like a mobile phone, which you could insert into a slot and it read the credit. This would prevent the BBC giving people like Chris Moyles, Johnathan Ross etc footballer type wages, which is passed onto the licence payer. Maybe if the income dropped, they would realise that most people only watch a very small amount of BBC and are not too keen on repeats.
  3. Chris Moyles? Surely not. Don't you realize that that man singlehandedly saved Radio 1?

    Oh, er, hang on a minute.................

    He's ok (just ok, not sensational) on the radio, but whenever I see his fat Yorkshire gutbucket head on telly, I reach for the remote.

    On the whole there has been some good stuff on BBC in the past few years, (isn't the good stuff normally made in partnership now a la HBO/RTE etc.?), but not enough to warrant the inordinate amount which they receive courtesy of the licence payer. I'd like to see less world service & BBC India. I think they could also do away with a good few of their extra digital channels (saving money) & stick to the stuff they are good at like Spooks, Rome and that sort of thing.
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  4. Have you seen how much of the licence payers money is wasted on paying for taxis for people to get to work - wish I had a taxi to take me to work and someone else picked up the tab. Also flowers and junkets etc.
  5. Fantastic.I have sent my tv programme idea to the Beeb three times,always rejected.So I could get it made after all!
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Fcuking A !
    Back to back re-runs of The Wild Geese, The Odd Angry Shot & Zulu, while BBC2 has the 24-hour educational programmes, "Hot Girls Hoop Dhobi" & "Clamjousting Fisters."

    Get the beers in, I'm sorted.
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  7. More Life on Mars and less Hammond on everything. Let them continue to take the licence but make them use the freedom from commercial worries it gives them to produce good quality viewing.

    There is a select group of presenters that the BBC seem to give everything to. Planet Earth live is an excellent example of the kind of thing they do without having to worry about budget (because they have the licence fee) but then cock up by the "need" to dumb down the presentation with "fa(e)ces'" like Hammond or Julia Badbury rather than less well known but more knowledgeable people.

    So far on the show her contribution has been saying "hello Mrs Bear" or "those cubs are so cute". He meanwhile is shit scared to leave his tent or 4x4. They could have had a Steve Backshall or Chris Packham or Simon King who all know their stuff, but no it has to be Hammond and Bradbury.

    Mary Beard is as rough as **** but her series on Rome is good because she knows her subject. I'm amazed it didn't end up presented by Mylene Klass and Dale Winton.

    Winton really grips my shit. He was on that lottery bollocks the other week and moaned that a contestant had cried on the sleeve of his £400 shirt. It was a plain blue shirt! How much do they spend of employing this talentless people to front other people's ideas?

    Limousines, hotels, first class travel, hospitality - how much do they spend on that for what they call presenting talent?
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  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    It's long past the time when the BBC should have been privatised. The jumped up, overpaid tossers who staff it need a really good dose of corporate realism and, frankly, a **** load of P45's being dished out.
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  9. They should shutdown between 0915 and 1600hrs. You can have too much antique buying, looking for houses in the country and various "consumer" knights errant.
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  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Thought he was still off his face since Space Ritual ?
    Or was it hanging out of the back doors of young boys ?
    Either way definite BBC presenter material.
  11. Has it not been privatised to an extent anyway? But look at the unadulterated shite that Princess Productions and their ilk have put out in the name of competition within BBC commissioning as a result. Look at the CVs of the people involved and you'll se why - its the same people. Its more incestuous than Shropshire.

    Until the commissioning process makes it impossible for a small clique of already overpaid people to front up companies that take the commissions and line their own pockets once more by fronting/writing and producing you'll never get proper value or a wider set of viewing. Johnny Vaughan (World's End) Steve Coogan (Baby Cow), Jimmy Mulville (Hatrick), Graham Norton (So Television) are all making more than ever but can we honestly say the variety or standard has improved.

    The Oxbridge clique dominates BBC Comedy as it has since the Home Service on radio and the Public Schools dominate other productions across the board. Both male lead presenters on BBC Breakfast are Eton boys for example. Two generations of Dimblebys, Sergeants, Snows etc. The cliques are regenerating

    Public or Private the BBC is run by cliques.
  12. If you're that bothered, just don't pay the license fee. **** the inspectors, they've got no right of entry to your property, no powers of arrest. I know people who've been getting letters and visits for years, but still don't let them in.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    precisely i find it hard to justify the license fee!
  14. What about all the Rainbow People that aoparentky inhabit evry street in perfect harmony in BBC land?
  15. A private company?? What like ITV, have you seen the dross on there? I haven't cos I can't stand the adverts. At least the BBC has moments of brilliance.