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The end of the AT Trade?

Blimey Tppex, you've been lurking in the shadows for a while.

Nice to see you bring good news to all with your first post. :twisted:

What is this PATO you refer to?
These plans are currently still under development and a fuller plan will be put in place at a meeting to be held soon (Mar 07).

PATO will be dissolved as follows:

PATO + some staff to HQ 8 Force Engr Bde

EOD, IE(A) + some staff to DRLC to come under Col FD (post to be tied ATO - head of trade?)

SO2 Ammo Ops + some staff to Land Log

Grim reaper? Unclear

Details may change but I have it on the best authority that this will happen.

Enjoy your Friday!

nice to hear from you mate, been a while! I had also heard the news about PANTO's demise and the take over by the Wedge. I imagine the PVR rate is about to increase in the AT/ATO trade, rather than be assimilated by the Borg. :frustrated:
Melch - that's because your were(n't) briefed down the chain of command. You will no doubt be officially informed. Probably.

BDH - hope you're keeping well. As you know I transferred to the Wedge some years ago and have been employed as a sleeper ever since.... yawn!
Yes PATO LAND will be re-forged, with elements going to Th Tps, DRLC and with some elements remaining at HQ LAND (G-R in LAND CSS Cts). PATO has long been self-regulating on all fronts and the AT/ATO over-commitment is one of the consequences; so in tems of management of commitments, this ia a positive move. The number of AT/ATO posts by rank are not going to change much and so there is no loss in opportunity for appointment or promotion (unlss you are an RLC full Colonel). The techno police will still be able to call the shots for all of IEDD, Inspectorate work and Ammo Sp. Yea - baby; this is no bad thing - so relax! Alternatively, be petulant, PVR and condemn your mates to an even shorter tour interval.

The_Jacobite_General said:
Alternatively, be petulant, PVR and condemn your mates to an even shorter tour interval.
JG - As the wedge will be taking over the IEDD role, it won't be any of my mates with shorter tour intervals!

There are still plenty of people in the pool who can run depots as that is the only thing the AT trade will be used for in the future, unless of course DRLC decide to disband the trade with the various functions of EOD, Inspection & repair, munition mangement and accident investigation being given to the Wedge, REME, Supplier trade and LAIT respectively. :(
Its only a matter of time before the RE takes over all facets of EOD (and then the rest of the Army). I think they get confused that holding the skill set for construction tasks somehow allows them endless empire building.
Hello there,

I've been flicking through this thread and although most of the accronyms mean nothing to me it seems there are going to be some changes made with the ammo tech trade.

I'm due to join the army in april with the aim of becoming an ammunition technician so could someone please clarify in laymans terms (civvie) what these changes are and how they will affect the trade as from what I understand some of the work that ammo techs carry out is being shifted to the Royal Engineers???

Is the IEDD and EOD side of the trade still going to be carried out by ammo techs or is it being given to the Engineers??
If you are just joining don't worry. In layman's terms, this is about where the full Colonel ATO sits and who his master will be. At your level, it won't be a problem. Be more worried about getting through selection and the following courses. Work hard and be prepared to put 100% in.

Typical! For years a series of high ranking ATOs has been fighting a rear guard action which has been a qualified success. Now an ex trucky has put the final nail in the coffin. We can only hope that now the EOD and general ammunition elements of the trade have been so successfully divided that DRLC finally recognises the value of both parts, albeit possibly too late!!

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