The End of the ARK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim24, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    they are showing the Queen at decomissioning of HMS Ark Royal on the BBC news 24 she was affiliated to my old regiment a sad day for the navy, had a few good times on her and her predecessor the last real aircraft carrier.
  2. tis a sad day not just for the rn but for is a travesty that a fine ship like the royal is sacrifised so chippy bastards like the crabs can keepp their gay loadsa respect for the senior service and am sad that there main ship is gone.adios mon ami
  3. It's not her decommissioning, it's her 25th anniversary.
  4. I curious if the Government will offload it to the Argies or similar Foreign Country at a discount rate

    IIRC Chile have bought a few of our old RN Boats in the past so the Ark may head the same direction
  5. Don't they have a completely different ceremony when a ship leaves the RN?
    They call it 'Paid Off' or decommissioning or something. The crew parade on the dockside all spick and span and the RM band marches up and down a bit playing 'Life on the Ocean Wave.'

    Doubt the Monarch would be play a part although she did when they paid off Britannia.

    Always have a soft spot for Ark. My old man served on the predecessor flat top back in the early 60's (Phantom and Buccaneer engineer) and I have fond memories of going on board as a kid when she was berthed in Singapore.

    He will be spinning in his grave if he knew were were beholden to the Cheese eating surrender monkeys for a carrier.
  6. More to the point - no carrier flying for 10+ years means the loss of all the skills needed to run fixed wing flying at sea, something the SDSR ignored.
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    They didn't ignore it, they will just use that as the excuse for the next round of cuts!!! :(
  8. The Queen, or the Ark?

    Don't worry. By the time they finish building the second carrier, Dave will be out, the Tea Party (UK) will be in and Britain will be rolling in cash again. Helicopter carrier my arrse. It'll be packed with the very finest aircraft that money can buy.

    Meanwhile, back at the FAA, young recruits will be sent West to wear Rayban Aviators, oil themselves up and play volleyball with US Navy pilots, err sorry, I mean aviators, while learning to land left hand drive F/A-18s on the No 2 wire (I always thought that was what you pulled to flush one of those old fashioned toilets with an overhead cistern). I do believe that one instructor on the B-2 stealth bomber is a RAF chappie on exchange so if the crabs can ingratiate themselves with the yanks to that extent, so can the Royal Navy.

    Should we run into trouble before the first carrier is active, our trusty French allies will step in and send the most expensive, French naval assett and hundreds of French sailors into harms way to have missiles, torpedoes and God knows what chucked at it in order to save the Royal Navy from temporary embarassement.

    It's just like going on a run ashore and finding that one of your mates has accidentally left his wallet back aboard ship (and not for the first time). You'd lend him a few quid to get his round in, wouldn't you? Then you'd run up thousands of pounds on your credit card buying champaign in lap dancing clubs, wouldn't you? He's your mate, just like we're now mates with the French.
  9. If there is one overall luxury 'Allied' forces have enjoyed since GW1 it's Air dominance,This will only be fully realised when future ground forces try to survive without it!There is economising and there is short term stupidity!The Irony is the French are the only country we could actually take on now!!