The end of the AAC?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sierra_Hotel, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Going by much of the talk on here about officer entry, it seems that it is not a wise move for a career choice. Not only are serving personel not recommending it, but it is now got to the point that Army Careers officers are telling people not to bother due to the lack of flying and general careers disatisfaction. Is anything going to be done about this, or will it be the end of the AAC?
  2. Care to name the particular ACIO?

    I think the Corps has yet to have a dearth of applicants.
  3. Even when the guys fly AH, they have had enough after a few years as well.
  4. Regardless, people will still want to join. On the officer side of life, we are always over subscribed.

    The end of the Corps will occur on the 31st June 2014 at 1420 hrs.
  5. When I say the guys have had enough, it is not the Corps that has had this effect, there is not enough funding from the government to provide a thorough service to troops on the ground as well as the guys who fly.
  6. Exeter area AFCO. Going by much of what is on here its not an inspiring career choice based on what serving personel say, despite it being the type of flying I want to do. I'll have to settle with Fleet Air Arm, and hope to get streamed to CHF...
  7. Your retirment date perchance?
  8. Care to place a bet on it?

    I'd have to say in the current climate of operations, i doubt there will be any losses, other than that of experienced pilots.

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    Recruitment will continue at high levels, the AAC seems to be pretty well represented careers wise.
  9. The whole planet comes to an end on that date.....
  10. Thats approx. the date at which I would graduade Sandhurst and commision into the AAC. Are you suggesting something?
  11. Not unless you are strapped to the big fcuk off meteorite that will finish life as we know it
  12. The future of your Corps must certainly be in doubt if you lot don't know how many days there are in June! :D

  13. God no! If I'm still in then, something has gone very, very wrong.

    The time and date was based on pulling it out of my arse. Its a proven AAC technique. ;)

    Edited to add; M_M. The only one to spot it. ;)
  14. CNUT :eye: Walked into that