The end of suicide bombing in sight?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartascarrots, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Global Attitudes Project

    What caught my eye was the conclusion that increasing satisfaction with life goes hand in hand with a belief that terrorism is an increasingly unjustifiable means to an end. This chimed with my feeling that suicide attacks were an expression of desperation and powerlessness felt for their nation rather than themselves.

    Another point that caught my eye was the decreasing confidence in prospects for the next generation and satisfaction with the state of the nation across almost all of the developed world. What are we getting wrong?
  2. Don't hold your breath.
  3. The reason for the decline in support for bin Laden and suicide bombings is, I suspect, that there haven't been any spectacular ones recently. With another 9/11 support will shoot right up, and if OBL can manage to destroy Israel or something similar he'll properly be the daddy.
  4. Vested interests who want to concentrate wealth instead of sharing it round and making people content. They don't give a damn how many little'uns suffer, and how many good lads get it in a foreign country.
  5. Male suicide bombers would cease to offer themselves if the false promise of copious sex with numerous virgins in the afterlife was dispelled.
    It's all about the sex.
  6. But as discussed on another thread a significant portion of suicide bombers, particularly amongst Palestinians, are young, highly educated women. 72 virgins aren't much of a draw to them, I would imagine.

    Well, not all of them, any road.

    I was really interested in the implication that increased prosperity only increases contentment up to a point and then you start back down the hill again. The west seems to be on the 'too much' side of the hill, with uncertainty for the future, discontent with the state of the nation and distrust of authority running high; the DNs are on the 'too little but catching up' side and have a much more positive outlook on the above.

    Admittedly, many of the inputs can be skewed. For example, I don't envisage a Japanese or Chinese bad-mouthing their countries in front of strange westerners regardless of what they might privately think, but we here have the freedom to moan all we like and it seems we aren't alone in thinking, "This is sh1t!".
  7. The shaheed are promised companions that will be "well matched", so you get whatever you're hoping for, male or female. Presumably even beast, mechanical or all four if that's what's in your mind when you do the deed.
  8. Mind for 72 virgins I'd be tempted.
    Over here it's 35ºC+ and totally hands off the missus.
    First Spam accent I hear is going to be in serious danger.
  9. Yeah, but you've got to remember mate, where you're heading when you go, it'll be a lot hotter than 35 Celcius... :lol:
  10. Never understood the whole 72 virgins thing. I, for one, never found the whole deflowing thing to be attractive as I'd much rather they already knew how to suck my c0ck before I turned up.
  11. Suicide attacks are an expression of one or more of the following mental problems.
    Quite possibly all of them at the same time in some cases
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Suicide bombing will be a naturally declining industry for the obvious reason of its limitation as a career.
    The theoretical pension benefits are the only attraction - and that depends on indoctrination, which should be the POA.
  13. just before i deployed we were informed that a common recruiting practice was to invite young men (teenage boys) one at a time into a meet with the 'elders' of the village/tribe/whatever and the immam.

    *Obv for those that have deployed understand the significance that this entails in the arab culture!*

    During the meet tea is served and the boys are drugged.

    Once they have passed out they are taken to a local whorehouse and come out of their drug induced slumber.

    they promptly shoot 1st load over several whores.

    drugged again and pass out and wake up back in the meet with the elders like nothing happened.

    When the boy comes round the immam and cronies explain he must of had a vision of what heaven is like if you become a martyr!

    boy promptly signs on the dotted line and sticks a vest on and walks into a crowded market thinking he is going to have orgies for the rest of eternity!!!!!!

    Im sure that is not true for all cases, but it makes sense in my eyes......I would sign up too!!!!!

  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Have you brought the possibilities of this approach to the attention of British Army recruiters?
    It clearly has potential as both a recruiting and retention tool.....
  15. They's stop now if these were waiting for them 8O