The end of RAF EOD

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dingerr, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. It is no joke, RAF EOD will cease to exist as a result of the cuts. Airfield clearance will go to the Army.

    I've heard that some Armourers will be given the opportunity to transfer to similar trades in the Army.

    That said, at least they haven't lost their sense of humour.

    The end of RAF EOD? - YouTube
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  2. Who gets to load the bombs + bullets on to the Fast Attack thingys then?
  3. I assume they will still have armourers but without the EOD role!? Quality vid. Made me lol.
  4. Not too sure if we need any more Arms Storemen :)
  5. Top vid !
  6. Interesting, especially as the RAF will/have taken over all of the CBRN response. Where are they going to get the EOD Operators for 26 Ops Sqn & SIBCRA?

    Had heard that it may happen.
  7. How would they do that when CBRNE assets are located countrywide. Besides that is it not reinventing the wheel as we have trained D&D operators throughout the Regiment which is part of our role.
  8. Should have wrote:

    Interesting especially as the RAF will/have taken over the CBRN response from the JNBC Regt. Where are they going to get the EOD Operators for 26 Ops Sqn & SIBCRA?

    To avoid any confussion!
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The Armourer trade will stay as it is,the only part going is the EOD side,at station level the EOD side is a secondary duty/war role so it won't affect them much at all.I gather they're all being deployed on other squadrons.As to the rumour about Armourers transferring to the Army,I've talked to some chaps I know who are SNCO/WO Armourers & it's not happening,a lot of blokes are getting out now & going to Saudi ect.A couple are even transferring to RNZAF & RAAF.
    Incidentally,The vid was made by a mate on 5131 EOD.
  10. The Operators are not suitably trained in the Regt for their current role, never mind SIBCRA. For example how many do you know have completed live agent training or have used a Bio assay test kit?

    Or how do you conduct a 2 man decontamination drill when the only thing that is taught and authorised is a 5 stage Emergency Personnel Decontamination Station?

    Basic skills that should be covered at the BCMD phase, but isn’t.

    But don't get me started on the DEOD Op BCMD!
  11. I wouldn't have a clue I've been a little busy for the last two years.
  12. That's no excuse, :)

    Stay well mate & I'll see you in Apr.
  13. The Kiwis? The only thing they have that carry any weapons are half a dozen or so clapped out P-3s as far as I know. The fighters were retired without replacement about a decade ago.
  14. Apr? What's happening in April?
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    They still have armourers tho,although a mate who transferred years ago under Options remustered to a different trade.