The end of life as we know it.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fish-head, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. I was standing in the post office queue today watching all the chavs shouting at the chavlettes and I got to thinking.

    If the average age at which this sort breed is probably about 16? Your normal, sensible type that has worked hard and managed to get some kind of education breeds at say 30? Given the fact they will breed twice as fast and probably with twice the number of kids....

    Were will be over run with the b@stards by the middle of the century. A cull or some biochem agent in their water supply is perhaps the way forward.

  2. Bring back press ganging.

    Burberry hatted Kappa clad scum scooped off the street and then gainfully employed in mine clearance in Africa and other places.

    Very simple. Throw 'em off the back of the wagon and fire salt in to them till they leg it in to the minefield. If they get out they other side; Congratulations! You win an extra go! And off they go again.

    Minefields destroyed with no risk of losing Britain’s or any other places flower of youth.

    Everyone’s a winner. Would be a good incentive to get a grip of your life and arrest the downward spiral.
  3. I second that motion

  4. No need to worry about it, just read 'Fingerprints of the Gods' and you will find out why!

    A Clue... December 23rd sometime in the not too distant future...
  5. If it came to civil war then we should win easily, if if out numbered.

    The Chav National Army's (CNA) tactics will probably mostly consist of wearing lots of bling and standing in the middle of the street holding to pistols sideways on and expending all their ammunition in 10 secs or less.

    Meanwhile the Properly Brought Up People's Army (PBUPA) by employing hard cover, good spacing and well aimed single shots, should win easily.
  6. before then I'm afraid.....
    The number of non tax paying voters (ie chavs parasites etc) is growing and the number of tax paying (and past tax payers who did their bit) voters is falling. At a point fairly soon with all the voter apathy, a motivated block of chavs could take control of the government demanding their ciggies and buckfast wine on the NHS, free sovereign rings to the over 4's, everyone having to dress in kappa tracksuits AND the removal of edukashun coz they never needed it.
  7. And when it happens, you can all say Fish told me so!!
  8. Made this very point to the Duke of Westminster at the begining of this year during a discussion about recruiting the unemployed into the TA. The people doing the protecting are breeding at less then half the rate of those they are protecting (and paying for).

    Unfortunately about two years ago Reich Chancellor Brown changed the rules and made it financially unattractive to join the TA. (That's even if you have managed to complete the blizzard of forms)