"The end of Europes independence"

Do you think that Europe could lose its independence in the near future?

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Unless European states and America suddenly adopt a hawkish foreign policy and strengthen their militaries, Europe will become a mere province of the Russian empire.

And, surprisingly, the fate of Europe will be decided not in Paris, Berlin, London, or Brussels, but in Georgia, a tiny, seemingly irrelevant country.
European countries will thus cease being independent, and that will imply negative consequences not just for Europe, but also for the United States. Europe's policies, leaders, militaries, and assets affect the US, directly or indirectly. If Europe becomes a mere protectorate of Russia, it will be even more anti-American and unwilling to cooperate with the US than it already is...
So now Europe is anti-American. It is funny.

Allowing Russia to conquer Georgia unpunished will also inevitably lead to further Russian aggression around the world.
Around the World? Where exactly? Namely our American friends try to unleash wars around the World and they think that others have the same mentality.


Do you think that Europe could lose its independence in the near future?


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At the risk of being anti-American it just shows how ignorant the writer is about Europe. Its 25+ countries, with their own policies and outlook, not one entity. The author talks about control of fossil fuel supplies giving Russia leverage. Yes, in the short term. But efforts to use it politically will back fire on Russia as states turn to other sources of supply. They need us to buy their gas as much as we need to buy it.
Actually Sergey, the writer's a nerdy Polish nobody:

This is the first time I'm publishing a message, so I think I should introduce myself. I'm Zbigniew Mazurak, a 19-year old man. I'm an enemy of the Eurocrats, the Mullahs and the Russians, and I will use this blog to tell you - the readers - about them

I wouldn't base your assumptions about "our American friends"' foriegn policy on Toryboyski here.
In fact, he's an analyst walt:


Mr Mazurak, an increasingly widely recognized conservative defense analyst, is one of Europe’s leading experts on defense and foreign policy. His articles have appeared at CWA and at Colony14. He is frequently praised not only for his accurate analyses of the security and foreign policy challenges confronting the West, but also his policy blueprints that address those challenges...

When he was attending school, he was the Vice Chairman of the Student Government from June 2000 to June 2001 (I’ve served one term); later, he was an associated editor of a student mag.

He was one of the first people to warn everyone about Nicolas Sarkozy, a pacifist French politician who was elected President of France on 6th May 2007. As early as August 2007, He started to warn about him – warn that he’s an anti-American, pro-communist, pro-islamist pacifist. As early as then, though, no one listened to him. The Heritage Foundation, a conservative American organisation, did not criticize Sarkozy until March 2008, and AT , America’s premier conservative webzin, has not admitted this truth yet (however, its editors have allowed everyone to post comments on their webzin).

Tell the people of Russia they can sleep soundly in their beds.
I've read some rubbish in my time-but bl00dy h3ll! An enthusiastic child who wants to gain more experience of the world outside Tom Clancy novels probably...
This has already been done in the 'Georgia' thread a couple of weeks back.

For additional laughs, read the walting Pole's words in the comments section...

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