The end of days....

....And it was written in the book of Cuddles that in the last days of New Labour, right hands would not know what left hands are doing and junior ministers shall appear in the guise of headless chickens and great guffawing of civil servants shall be heard through the land...

This morning, as foretold in the prophecy, I saw some dimwit in the DTI claiming that cheap air travel would be better than re-investing in the rail infrastructure, unless (to paraphrase the govt source) people were daft enough to buy local rail infrastructure and run it themselves.

As I sat bewildered I glanced at the Sunday Times, in which I had read not three days hence that the DTI was planning on swinging taxation on cheap flights with a view to encouraging people back onto the finest railways investment can ignore.

Now to me this is indeed a sign of the end of days, nobody knows what message to be "on" and briefing takes on a slap-stick quality.

Happy days...

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