The end of council-funded newspapers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Psypher, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. From BBC News

    "Town hall Pravdas" a rather apt description. These clandestine information campaigns both by the National and local Governments should be illegal. If the Government wants to sell the British people on their policies then it should be done openly, rather than resorting to what amounts to be grey propaganda against the British public.
  2. Thanks PSO.

    I will regard my next bin collection calendar with renewed suspicion.

    Helvetica; why did they use that particular font? The plot thickens.

    Money saved? Yes but we also need journalists to investigate and not just hang around the town hall letting the marketing manager from the council write the stuff for them. That is what normally happens when a council does not have its own department of propo... sorry newspaper office.

  3. I think the difference from the last govt. is that this one is trying to end these preen-sheets; the last lot would have doubled their funding whilst taking control of their contents and establishing a National Councils Media Coordination Agency to do so.
  4. Fully agree P_F, and hope similiar measures are taken at national level to stop things like that Home Office-funded ITV 'documentary' on plastic-coppers that was produced the other year. The fact that the programme had been sponsored and paid for in large part by the Government was never mentioned.
  5. "Councils should spend less time and money on weekly town hall Pravdas that end up in the bin, and focus more on frontline services like providing regular rubbish collections."

    Too bloody right!

    My council sends me mountains of turgid self congratulatory dross that they then insists I recycle 'responsibly' and expect me to pay to have taken away in due course.
  6. I genuinely hope this government don't just substitute their own version to 'correct' the previous information, but politicians are politicians and vanity is vanity.

    Personally I work on the principle that the more an organisation feels it needs to tell you how great it is, the more reality begs to differ. It's yet to be proven wrong.
  7. Bang on.

    Same here.
  8. I'm lucky - Wilts Council clearly spare me these sinister and clandestine communications with their subliminal messages to drive more carefully and recycle more.

    I imagine these things subsist using advertising revenue and keep a couple of printing companies happy so can't get excited about the issue - you can vote with your eyes and nobody's forcing you to read them.

    We make firebricks from damp newspapers so I never begrudge anything coming through the door - apart from The Mail; when you burn that the smoke shapes swastikas and the devil appears...

  9. Er, no… the subsist by being funded with your council tax, so not only are you paying to have the council produce the crap, they are then charging you to take away the crap they charged you to produce in the first place. and then raising your council tax to pay for the increased cost of taking away all the extra crap you're putting in your bin.
  10. Where I live, the Council publish a bi-monthly magazine. It's not a propaganda mouthpiece although it does contain articles that promote some senior politicians, allbeit, on a non party political basis but they get good publicity from it. All helps come the election I suppose. It also contains a lot of useful information about the Council, it's services, contact numbers and e-mail address's etc. The Council also has to publish certain information by law such as it's yearly accounts and other statutory information. It is also used by some local business's to advertise their services so it actually earns some income for the Council. Overall, it's a fairly useful publication which if discontinued will make it more difficult for the Council to get it's message across.
  11. I don't think council publications like that are under threat, such newzines/magazines existed far before the 1949 local council reforms and will continue for the future, albiet with a focus to go online and probably limit printed distribution to local businesses and the elderly to save costs (which is what my council is doing).

    This is more a focus on the councils that issue dozens of different pamphlets and one sheets on a monthly basis (or the most nefarious which masquerade such polotiking inside a fake newspaper) most of which have no place in reality and certainly carry no effective advertising or other cost covering measures.
  12. If Councils by law are required to publish certain edicts, bye-laws and information then it should be nailed to the church notice board like times of old ................. save millions of tax payers dosh, help the environment in so many ways, get people of there arrses and fit by having to go and read them, get the local populace actually talking to one another [social intercourse], get rid of thousands of jobsworths, encourage people to read, ............ I could go on, you know it makes sense ................ and while we are at it bring back the fair poll tax where everyone has to pay their dues.
  13. Make some of the work dodgers walk around with placards detailing the latest council news.
  14. eodmatt ........... good one!
  15. After the war my father as a semi-skilled worker was earning IIRC about 4 pounds a week take home pay. A two-up-two-down council house rent was 10 shillings and 6 pence a week and included the rates. [about one eigth of income]. How does that compare with counil rent/ rates now given that there was no abatement of any kind from national or local government?
    [Obviously no phone, car, fridge, freezer, washing machine, tv or proper loo paper although we did have the luxury of a relay line box speaker that had 4 radio programmes on it for 6d a week.]