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The End of Black History Month

Wells (Next the Sea) is in Norfolk.
Well I've closely observed said bhm and I'm none the wiser as to their achievements over the centuries.
I blame William Wilberforce.
It's intriguing that the African Bronze and Iron Ages are reckoned to have preceded their European counterparts by at least 500 years.

So it seems odd that the most famous Smith in Africa was a white bloke.
At least this Mr Stormy fella (perhaps a relation of Stormy Daniels, I don't know) does at least mention 'us' in the lyrics in that at one point he refrains that he 'goes squaddie' at about 1.15 seconds.

At first I thought he might be signing up but apparently 'going squaddy' is not only spelt wrong it also doesn't mean joining HM Forces.

The cheeky roister doister.
Quite, especially music

How could my life go on without listening to Stormzy, roll over Beethoven

I'd prefer Stormy Petrel on a Stick--- ideally a large one -- Vlad the Impaler style.
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I'm always surprised at the amount of asian/Indians I see around snowdon.

Got a lot in the shooting and collector's club. Have to say they have some immensely droolworthy toys and well cared for. I had a load of old X-type parachute harnesses and containers and gave most away at the club. The Asian blokes were dead keen and most taken with them.


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That blonde bint from Countryfile says it is.
This one?

Is she in the MILF thread? If not, why not?

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