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The End of Black History Month

Nearly there! Black History Month ends as at 2359 hrs this evening. Time for this whole business to be put to bed? A period of respectful silence? #BLM put back in its box?
What do you think?! :roll:
Do you really think the brainwashing and indoctrination is going to stop at midnight? If anything, the BBC will step it up.
I didn't even know it was black history month and even if I had known, my field of GAF's would still be barren.
I think I did the logical thing and completely ignored it all. It meant nothing.
I don't really savvy why "they" who ever they really are, simply don't get it that in swathes of the UK, they are of zero impact or significance to a broad & numerous range of UK post-codes.
Given my Frozen North part of the UK is 96% Caucasian albeit with fair share of 3rd & 4th gen Asians, Eastern Euros and that black people are a very, very rare sight frankly it really meant the square root of sweet Fanny Adams up here anyhow. A bit odd?

"They" are around a puny point-07% of the population up here..
Total ethnics in London is racing to 45%..but I've not checked what % of that is Afro Car...or whatever.
Sometimes watching the news is akin to watching another country...not just a different UK post code.
The most I get exposed to black individuals are force fed PC mentalist box ticked multi race ads, meedja presenters, and.....ahem...the front grid in F1. Truthfully, if you paid me £1000 I could not tell you the last time I saw "one" in the flesh. Or maybe, I just did not notice. You can imagine how we (at home) sometimes look at each other from the telly, bemused, in a WTF was THAT about mode. It can be that alien to our ears.

Last Police Pass Out parade I was at,...nope..not one that I can truthfully recall. Out of circa 110!
It's just the way it is up here strangely. No idea why nor could I care less.
Probably a few padding around Scottish Uni Campuses but I could not say if they stay in the UK or not.
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I think it's been a very informative month. I never realised just how little black people had actually achieved on their own.
Just to be clear gents (the emoji obviously didn’t work!), I’m not a fan! :-D
Now Bleck History Month is over we'll have 11 months to reflect on what it taught us.

It was something about peanut butter and traffic lights wasn't it? Nice of them to give us all the credit for that slavery thing though.


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It puts things into perspective when you consider that one single page of the Lindisfarne Gospels, knocked up in a monastery off the Northumberland coast in the dark ages, amounts to more than the written output of the whole of sub Saharan Africa for centuries.
can't say I noticed?

Get with the program

Stop callling poeple black and white

poeple are just poeple, a man or a woman.
Its not rocket science..
Although i do think that women need investigagting by the judiciuary.
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Presumably we can spend the next 11 months celebrating white history which includes most of the world's worthwhile advances...
Stop callling poeple black and white

They are just poeple, a man or a woman.
Its not rocket science.
See what you’ve done now..? It’s there in black and white 2 random colours wavelengths...
Presumably we can spend the next 11 months celebrating white history which includes most of the world's worthwhile advances...

Strangely enough we dont celebrate, white history per se, rather we celebrate events or individual achievements in the main, while much of our history involved 'white people' its not their whiteness we celebrate, or even care about.

Something that has been lost in the waste of space that black history month banged on about. Frankly the guff and nonsense that has been spewed, by many 'black' people for the last month was predicated more on them being black than what they achieved... We used to call those who spouted such guff and nonsense racists.

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