The End of American Football?

Discussion in 'US' started by Yank_Lurker, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. It's the most boring ******* thing I've ever watched.
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  2. What, these days, are American values? From this side of the pond, it usually looks that they consist of the seeking-out and fighting of real or imagined enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    The celebration of greed and violence that is American Football seems to me to be the natural product of such a fragmented, fearful and furiously aggressive society.
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  3. I suggest they learn how to be true and proper blokes and play Rugby - then they might have a chance. Fecking tossers.
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  4. The values of the NFL are greed, corruption, lies, drug taking and blatant violence so quite a good reflection of American society IMO.
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  5. Yes, but now more often than not, using game boy consoles and drones...
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  6. Yeah, because when I woke up and turned on the TV on 9/11/2001, I was imagining watching people jump out of the World Trade Center. I imagined the Khobar Towers Bombing. The US embassy bombings in Africa. The USS Cole bombing. The US Embassy in Kabul bombing. I imagined all those attacks and atrocities against US citizens. We should start dropping candy on the fcuktards of the world, not bombs.
  7. I got as far as his smug, self righteous comments about boxing and MMA then stopped reading.

    American football is shite though. Rugby for fannies.
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  8. And so I guess the values of British society are chronic binge drinking, and doing fcuk all sitting in your council estate sucking money out of the few productive people still living in the country. Here's to ya. :roll:
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  9. Well Y.L how much of that was bad drills on the part of...your... people?


    It might be an idea to remember that there were many internationals killed not just Americans... just an idea like!
    And it might be an idea to remember that the American USMC lads, and later on their colleagues have been joined by a few more over the last few days engaged on your war on terror.

    Bugger. Have I been trolled?
  10. Our football, your football, rugby and a fair few athletic sports seem to have reached the limit of human performance with that extra 5% crippling or killing top players.
    As for entertainment value I don't get as much from today's performers. To quick and, well I'm not able to relate to the players. Over paid tossers.

  11. Yeah, it's all our fcuking fault. So goddamned sorry. Do please fcuk off with your tiresome "It's all the Americans' fault" trope. It must be so nice to live in such a clearcut world. :roll:
  12. New Zild actually old chap. Only 19,000KM out, did you serve as a USAF Bomb Aimer perchance?
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  13. Well I was also referring to the poisonous American inter-racial politics, white, black, Korean, Mexican etc, the incessant culture wars, people brassing-up doctors for performing abortions and the rest of it.

    On the matter of the Sept. 11th attacks, the USA had been cheerfully funding terrorism, fueling civil wars and overthrowing legitimate governments for decades. The Jihadi army is largely a creation of the USA when they were willing to lay waste to any foreign country that had a few commies in it. After all, if you have union rights in Guatemala, next thing the Russkies will invade Smalltown USA, ban apple pie and have you all worshiping graven images of Lenin.

    That was the day you got your own shite thrown back in your faces; if you don't want to get burned, stop playing with matches. And for ****'s sake man up and stop whining about those sodding jerry-built, house-of-cards towers.
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  14. It was an inside job you prick, do your research.