the empire pays back

I have just finished a book called White Gold, by Giles Milton (author of Nathaniel's Nutmeg), which traces and explains the white slavery, as practiced by North Africans. Truly horrific and does not take away from the black slavery as conducted by these same people. However, white slavery is never mentioned nor discussed in modern teaching and is anathama to the education establishment (might make europeans actually look human).

Interesting point though, even after black slavery was halted by the British and the Navy had destoryed most of the european black slave trade, white slaves were still being taken and the trade was rampant in North Africa. It was not until 1816, when Sir Edward Pellow, destroyed the corsairs fleet in Algeria and forcing the halt to the trade.

I would recommend the book to Dr Beckford, but doubt he would be interested.
Maybe we could do a deal:

From Britain to Africa:

An apology, plus damages in money

minus a great wodge for Britain's efforts in mitigation, ie abolishing the slave trade and the Royal Navy's policing of that abolition; and
minus another great wodge for "contributory negligence" by Africans themselves, ie their voluntary participation in the slave trade of Africans.

From Africa to Britain:

An apology for the systematic capture and sale of British people as slaves by North Africans (see plus damages for lost income, pain and suffering, etc. with no reduction for policing abolition or for contributory negligence by Britain (as neither applies).

The damages cancel each other out, so we end up with mutual apologies, some hugging and a whole lotta love.

As Rodney King said, "Can't we all just get along?"
Dammit, PY. Stop listening to my thoughts!

Where's my tin foil hat?
The whole series about the Beckfords was fascinating and educational (for me) and painted them in a less than sympathetic light. I recently got permission to look round what is left of their estate, Fonthill, and the ruins look dreadful now, rather like the source of the cash that funded them. This last programme undid a lot of the good work though. Bladensburg is right on page one of this thread when he asks where the money is supposed to go. We also had the same convsersations about Potato famine, highland clearances, the Somme etc etc etc. But the presenter (not Beckford, the other chap) lost my sympathy when he gathered the seemingly respectable group of 'experts' who waded in with compound interest, pumping the figures up. His 'attempt' to meet HM The Queen was also patronising to viewers. His style was more John Craven's Newsround than meaningful documentary.

Well worth watching the other programmes about the Beckfords though if you missed them and they come on again.
Further to my last post, I would like to point out the following:

C H A V (E)

We rename the "Slave" trade to the "Chave" trade and send the press-gangs among the council estates to round up a supply of labour from the economically inactive. We then sell their white trash asses to African countries, thus repaying the debt of conscience we (apparently) owe and making a major contribution to the African economy.
The drive by America to disolve our empire after Britain and Europe being bankrupted by WWII has resulted in the current mess that is sub-Saharan Africa. Since de-colonisation African despots have received about a trillion dollars aid. The Marshall plan to get Europe on its feet totalled about one tenth of that amount and worked. We pulled out too quickly. I'm not a Yank basher but neo-colonialst America hasn't got a clue on how to sort things out in the third world.

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