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Reminds me of when Blair told Frank Dobson MP to "think the unthinkable". He tried. Turned out it was unthinkable...

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Might be quiet at work shortly!
Workers at the Kimberly Clark plant near Barrow will be pleased for the overtime.

The emporer whispered in his ear, gwan my son my that pensioner they'll never be able to fight back

The emporer whispered in his ear, gwan my son my that pensioner they'll never be able to fight back

Jack Dempsey had a similar experience once
"Going back further in time, the mugging is mentioned in the Gloversville Leader-Herald (New York) in June 1970 in an article marking Dempsey’s 75th birthday.

The paper quoted him as saying: “A couple of guys tried to mug me on Third Avenue a few months ago – they tried to rob me but I flattened them.”

Dempsey added sadly: “Times have changed. On Saturday and Sunday it used to be so crowded that people walked in the street. They couldn’t even get on the sidewalk. Now people are afraid to go out nights.”

An even earlier edition of the Leader-Herald appears to finally pinpoint (almost) the date when Dempsey dispensed his own form of justice.

On 24 December 1969 the paper, underneath a headline of “Dempsey Is Still Potent” (pictured), carried a single paragraph in a round-up of news items which stated that “Jack Dempsey was mugged by two guys – and flattened both”.

The available evidence therefore suggests Dempsey battered two muggers who set upon him as he sat in a cab on Third Avenue in the run up to Christmas in 1969, presumably as he headed home from his restaurant to the apartment at East 53rd Street that he shared with fourth wife Deanna.

That would mean he was 74-years-old at the time."

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If at first you dont succeed try again
Cecil is certainly a trier
Cecil is now getting free Bed and Breakfast

21 year old student stepson.
1x microwave.
1x melted plastic tub as he put it in for 7 minutes on full power instead of Defrost.

I can see that this is the reason why he wants to be a Royal Marine.

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